Friday, October 22, 2010

How Long Does it Take To Charge An MP3 Player, Anyway?

So, Husband bought me an MP3 player while he was out, earlier. I synched my music library onto it and am waiting for it to finish charging so that I can play with it and get acquainted with it. I am having to do everything just as I go, since the stupid instruction book is just a jumble of idiotic, confusing pictures, nothing written. I hate it when electronics companies do this. Why can't they just print a booklet telling us how to make it work, for cripe's sake? Gah!

I am grateful to have it. I wanted an MP3 player for when I go walking and so forth but I am also kind of... No, make that really pissed. You see, this isn't the device I would have chosen and I am upset that once again, he took it upon himself to decide for me. Choose for me. Make me just accept what he brings to me. I had no input, I didn't get to look at the selection available, compare and chose for myself. And he has done this so many times and just doesn't hear me when I say that I want... Need to make my own fucking choices. *sigh* Is that too much to ask?

I know that he wanted to do something nice for me. But he takes too much upon himself and it makes me feel marginalized, unheard, unimportant. I feel resentful and I am angry and it just heaps more resentment up in my heart against him. Funny how something so small can bring on such a large storm.

I will swallow this resentment, as I always do. I will pretend that it is great, that I am happy as a clam and not let him see that I am madder than a hornet. That I am frustrated and every time I look at that little device I want to cry, because, once again, it is foisted upon me and isn't what I wanted. Because if I didn't , he would turn this around, talk about how I am ungrateful, that nothing he ever does is good enough, blah, blah, blah. He will make me feel like shit. He is really good at that, making me feel like shit. In fact, I kind of do, right now. And he didn't say a word. I guess I am well trained. lol?

Anyway, if the thing ever gets finished charging, I hope it is easy to use. And works.

Still charging.

And still pissed.

Nice combination, huh?

It is a nice day, today. Chilly, cloudy and rainy. Just my kind of weather. I need to make my shopping list, grocery day, tomorrow. I want to get out as early as possible and get done in the store before it gets too crowded.

I am on track, today. I'll be making chicken for dinner, tonight. It is too rainy to use my grill so I'll bake it. I am going to cook rice in chicken broth and make a salad and open a can of corn. I know that corn isn't the best veggie (I know... It is s grain, really) but sometimes I just want me some corn, dammit. :D

Still charging. lol


  1. Hi, I am new to your blog, but I really love it, and thank you for being so real! I will keep reading, and I hope your new mp3 player gets done charging soon.

  2. Don't give anyone the right to make you feel like shit. I let my ex husband do it for ten years and by the time I left that relationship I was nothing. I'm remarried now and freely tell my husband off when he pisses me off. He thinks it's sexy though so I think sometimes he does it on purpose.

  3. I think I would feel the same way....grrr...I'm pissed for you too.

  4. I am on the other end of this situation. I want to buy presents for my husband but he is the ungrateful bastard. Nothing I do or choose is ever good enough. He has to have the top of the line or nothing at all. So, he mostly gets nothing at all, which is the same gift he usually buys me. Although he DID let me pick out my car this time so maybe he's at least setting a good example.

  5. Just don't let him know what you want, unless you are ok with him buying it for you.

    Suppose you want a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. Unless you want him to buy them for you, keep it to yourself. Save up, whatever, and when you are ready, go shopping and get them.


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