Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Roller Coaster

I am riding a roller coaster this week.


One day I do a stellar job, the next, I am struggling to stay under 2000 calories. Then back, again. *sigh* What the fuck is my malfunction?

If I register a loss, this week, I will die of shock. I am not anticipating doing so. The Puff Monster has me firmly in his clutches, again.

I am so sick of this shit.

The thing is, I know what do do about it and I know how to do it. Obviously. I just keep running up against a brisk wall of mental resistance. It is mental. I am not hungry, but I snack. I am not bingeing and I suppose that is a victory. But it doesn't feel like on when I snack and graze, instead.

I am aware of the problem. Now I have to implement an action plan.

Like staying the fuck on track.


Look at me.

The rocket scientist.

I suck


  1. Stop with the You suck shit. Focus, start again today, and stay on the plan,

  2. You can do it. You've proven you can do it. What's up with this mental game you're playing on yourself? Call somebody, go on a walk, blog it out. You can do it. You've proven that you can. And you will. Go put on some music and dance. Even if you don't feel like it. Things will seem less hopeless after some movement. Give us 10 minutes minimum of dancing and then check back in, ok?

    Love & all,

  3. I agree with Allan.. Start again on your next meal and stay on track..

  4. Add me to aggreeing with Allan, too.. You're better then this, and you're stonger then this. Today is a new day. What happened yesterday is gone, leave it.

    The only one who can beat you is - YOU. And I know you're not a woman who likes to lose...

    We all have our mental demons, and THEY suck! Blog them out, walk them out, dance them out, swear them out. And know that we are all here working out our mental demons together - you're not alone...


  5. You don't suck! You can do this. I know how you feel though, some weeks I have just as many bad days as good and then I don't go up or down. It sure is a roller coaster!

  6. As I told Katie, the body follows where the mind leads it. Shake off the baggage and start fresh with the next meal. You can do this!

    Positive attitude, positive results!!

  7. Yes, I agree with everyone...start again, you can do have been doing this! The mental part is the biggest challenge!

  8. knock it off- you don't suck.

    Dude- I completely relate with this post so much. THIS IS MY LIFE. But what else you going to do? Give up? Start sliding back up the weight scale? You can't. So get your shit together and handle business. :) (I mean that in the sweetest way possible, of course).

  9. You definitely don't suck, sweetie, you're human. I've had my days lately and what has worked for me is to ask myself "How are you going to feel at the end of the day if you eat that, don't work out, etc...?" It usually works for me along with keeping a list of things I want to get done at home, work wise, etc... I'd rather end the day knowing I accomplished something than feeling bad about myself.

    I don't know if that will work for you, but try it next time maybe and see how it goes. Best of luck.


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