Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day of Rest, My Ass

Sunday. Day of rest. A day to sleep in, have a delicious, leisurely brekkie, read the Sunday paper, watch random TV and just veg to your little heart's content. Riiiight...

More like get up, bolt two cups of coffee and an eggy wrap, then jump right in to hard core housework. We got a lot done. this morning and the house is sparkling and fresh and I am tired. Happily, Husband is a helper and didn't just sit on his ass while I busted mine. When he is home, whether it is his day off or after or even before work, he is perfectly happy to help out and will work just as hard around here as I do. I honestly don't understand the attitudes of men who believe that since they work outside the home they are entitled to come home, demand to be spoiled and waited on yet refuse to help with their children and the housework. They live in the house, they mess it up, they helped create the children. They can damned well pay attention and help care for the children and with the housework, too.

Sorry, just a hot button issue for me. Housewives and stay at home moms work damned hard and we also deserve down time, to have someone step in and help pick up the slack and give us a breather and a chance to decompress, too. Homemaking, done right isn't sitting around, eating bon-bons and watching soaps, all day. And dealing with children is a 24/7 job. And if any of those children have any kind of special needs, multiply the difficulty rating by a factor of at least a thousand. And you can see how a stay home wife/mom needs help, not even more work.

Okay, shutting up, before I really go off on a rant and head out on a county wide tour to slap the living shit out of every husband/father who thinks that he "deserves" to relax while everyone is in frantic movement, around him.

My frakking head is in the midst of a Cat 3 blow. My head has really been raging, lately. The changes in air pressure, the additional allergens in the air, stress are all playing their parts to trigger some viscous migraines.  I knew I was in for it again, today since I started haloing, late last night. I got up to pee about three in the morning and had all kinds of lovely flashing dots in front of my eyes. Bleargh!

Food is going well, today. I am trying to decide what to do for lunch... I have several good options open to me. Maybe Albacore tuna salad ona  bed of lettuce with some salad spritzer. Marley would love it if I had tuna for lunch... lol

Okay, I have to pee and go get me some chow.

I used my last precious sample of Biolage Conditioning Balm when I shampooed my hair, this morning. I really need to get a big tub of that stuff. My hair like it. A lot. It is so. soft.

Okay, now I am outie. Later, dudes. :D


  1. Hey, you know...I tellya, what stay at home moms don't get is this..yes, we have it hard for about 20-25 years. We work pretty much 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    Then we pull a stupid after our kids up and leave. That is supposed to be our down time.
    But since we don't have much to do we go out and get a job. NO NO NO.
    Men get down time after working a 40 hour week. They work about 40-45 years.
    Women spend about twenty to twenty five years working nearly full time all the time.
    Then we have the kids up and leave...
    We have to clean, sure.
    but then this is the time to do what we enjoy.
    We will have it lighter than our husbands for quite a few years, at least till they retire and we acquire a new child lol.
    have a good one.

  2. Bleh I hear you about men. My other half is quite food at being helpful, we ate lucky!

  3. I am not a stay at home mom, but I'm something of a feminist. :-) And I all I have to say is this; a SAHM is doing many many jobs. She deserves a share of the paycheck to do with as she pleases (not just pay the bills), so that she doesn't have to ASK to buy something. And yes, she sure as hell shouldn't have to do everything. The past is over. And I'm very glad that your husband understands all of this. My bf does, or he wouldn't be my bf. :-)

  4. I completely agree about men and housework, Erika. I don't get much help around here unless I yell. I love your new blog look.

  5. I have the ultimate way to help with the housework, and I have been doing my part for the last 10 years. Every Monday, without fail, Marguerite comes to the house, and cleans it from top to bottom. That is my contribution, and it is invaluable to a happy marriage.

  6. I have lived your frustration so many times. Hubby thinks it's fine to sit around on the weekends while I bust my hump. Since he works out of the home and I 'get' to stay home he thinks I should handle it ALL. Man, sometimes it just SUCKS.

    Thanks for the rant. It helped me somehow to have you say what I so often feel.

    Have a great week!

  7. I was a Mom who worked outside of the home, and a stay at home Mom. "Stay at home" is a much harder job IMHO. The Hubs is great when it comes to doing things around here - I tell him his vacuuming sucks! *he does it way better than I do* and I keep a checkbook of my own as well.. We compliment eachother, and we are blessed.. Wouldn't have it anyother way.


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