Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Getting Wild Around Here

Severe thunderstorm watches and warnings, tornado watches and warnings. While we get a lot of crazy thunderstorms in this area, tornadoes and tornado warnings are a fairly rare occurrence around here. We certainly aren't prepared for them, since central Arizona isn't exactly a hotbed of tornado activity.  No one has basements, there are no storm shelters, no warning sirens or anything of that nature. Just The Weather Channel with it's klaxon and red box crawl.

I'm not too concerned about the possibility of a tornado hitting here in Prescott. It is hilly here and tornadoes don't do very well in this type of terrain. If I lived out in the open, flat country in Prescott Valley and up toward Flagstaff, I would be worried.

We are supposed to get storms on and off through the rest of today then it is going to clear out and be sunny and bright, starting tomorrow morning. I am ready for this weather to clear, now. Much as I love me some crazy weather, it will be nice to be able to get out and walk, again. :D

I am thinking of getting my circular needles out and practicing knitting in the round, again. I don't understand what my malfunction is with that. I can knit just fine, flat but for some reason, trying to knit on DPNs and two circs or Magic Loop is evading me. I just need to practice and keep at it. I should also watch videos at Knitting Help and You Tube. I will conquer this. If it is the last thing I do. lol

I also need to register my old laptop in a class action lawsuit against NVIDIA. I have a laptop that has one of their video cards and had to have a repair for my puter failing to link up with the Internet then my monitor died. So, I might get a new computer. I am not counting on it, but if I do, sweet. I admit, I would love to have a new HP. This VIAO is okay, but it isn't what I would have chosen. I love, love, loved my old HP lappie.

I need one of these, this morning:

I am off to find moar coffee. And decide between Egg Beaters and oatmeal for brekkie.

Later, gators. :D


  1. Wow, stay safe! I can't imagine living in an area that's prone to severe weather. Gotta love the weather channel :D

  2. Wow!! I love, love, love that photo!!! I understand it - I get it!!! And, please be careful in that awful weather you're having.. I never thought Western Pennsylvania with all its hills and terrain would be a tournado alley - but it can be. Each year we're hit with a few storms that are dangerous and distructive - please keep watching the weather, and be careful..

  3. So far, we are just fine. The weather, while a little wooly in spots isn't too bad. I do believe we are going to come though just fine. :D

    Yeah, mainlining caffeine is how I roll. I suppose I should give it up... But the very thought makes me want to throw myself off a building. lol

  4. Oh, I'm glad to hear you're good there! And mainline the Starbucks!! I don't want you jumping off any buildings any time soon!! Watch that weather, too - don't want an Oz-like occurance throwing you off buildings either!

  5. I agree with you about knitting in the round. Or knitting with multiple needles how people do. However I can make the best scarf you ever saw and intricate cables and all that. Someday…but it’s definitely a good thing to do when you’re kept indoors…burns a few calories and keeps you from eating!


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