Friday, October 15, 2010

Review: Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

Hello my dear ones. (Don't you just love those phishing spam e-mails from Burqina Faso that start that way?lololol) I have a review for you.

I finally tried my new Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara, today. I was initially drawn by the "Ooo! Shiny!" packaging and the promises the commercials made to me. Promises that I would have full, gorgeous lashes and no clumping, thanks to the "pop" that cleans the excess product off the brush as you pull it from the tube. I bought mine at Walgreen's. I paid just shy of $8.00. I chose black.

Note: All pictures are clickable. 

 Pretty, shiny tube.

I got ready to apply my mascara by first priming my lids, applying shadow and liner and curling my lashes.

Bare lashes. Or, as I like to call them... Invisilashes. :P

I opened the tube and pulled out the wand and it did pop softly. The inner structure did clean the excess off the brush very nicely but I still had to touch the very end to a tissue, as the tube doesn't clean the very tip. The brush was a bit of a surprise, at first. It is bigger, fatter than any mascara brush I have ever seen or used and I was a little afraid that It would feel as if I were trying to apply mascara with a porcupine on a stick.

Application wasn't all that intimidating, after all. I got used to the brush pretty quickly, it turned out to be very soft and easy to use. Just be careful doing your bottom lashes. lol The mascara applied surprisingly smoothly and there was little excess on my lashes. It did make them look fuller and thicker. They did clump together a little, but not nearly as much as they do with other brands or my formerly much loved Lash Out! mascara. I decided not to comb my lashes, as I wanted to see how this stuff performed without combing. I applied one full coat to upper and lower lashes. Then a very light second coat to my upper lashes, only. (I forgot for a second that I wanted to take a pic before that second coat. Addlepated, I am.)

After application. One full coat, top and bottom lashes, a second light coat to top lashes. (I use a light hand when I apply mascara, your results will vary, depending on how you apply.) My lashes don't look like the lashes in the commercial and I didn't expect them to. You know that they use fakaloo lashes in mascara print ads and commercials, don't you?

One thing I was surprised about is that this mascara has a scent. Kind of... Floral and spicy. It reminds me a little of honeysuckle. I have extremely sensitive eyes and I was concerned that the fragrance would irritate or hurt my eyes but it has proven to not be a problem. I applied this an hour ago and I can still smell it a little, now and then. If you dislike fragrance in your makeup or are very sensitive to scents, this mascara may not be your cup of tea.

Overall, I like this mascara. It applies nicely, looks good and doesn't make a mess. Tho I will definitely comb between coats, as usual. I don't even much mind the fragrance. I will happily use this tube and likely buy more. :D


  1. You have the most beautiful eyes! I LOVE mascara- the difference between the before and afters are amazing!! LOVE IT!

  2. It looks great! I bought some new Almay eyeshadow and eyeliner today but I forgot to get mascara. I may have to try this out.

  3. My daughter wants some of this....looks nice on your eyes!

  4. It looks fabulous and your eyes look stunning! You do have lovely long lashes, as I can see even in the before photo.

    Thanks for the review.

  5. Thanks...we can't buy every tube. I love the eyelights one..just for the way it applies..I get the one for brown eyes. I think it's the brush..
    the difference is very noticeable.
    you are right..they use fake lashes..for the lashes you have the mascara did a great job.
    Thanks for the review.

  6. Why on earth are you complaining about your natural lashes? I'd give anything to have lashes as long and pretty as yours! OMG, you have pretty eyes! The mascara is great--it doesn't look fake or cheap, yet it emphasizes them nicely. Good purchase, indeed. I looked for it at my Rite Aid, but they didn't have it. *sniff*

  7. Thank you guys. I am blushing, here. I hope that the review was useful.


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