Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

Not all that exciting around here, right now. I am on track. I did housework. I have a headbanger. Routine.

I did a little blogkeeping, deleted blogs from my blogroll that were abandoned or that I just didn't read. I think I accidentally deleted one that I didn't want to... But I don't know for sure. I will find it, again if I did. I am not heartless, really. I just thought that it was time to trim my bloated blogroll a little.

It was chilly today. Windy and much cooler and cloudy. We got a little rain, too. I love this kind of weather. :D

 I leave you with a few funny pics I received in some of those pass-it-along-e-mails. Enjoy. :D

Have a great night, all


  1. Weight Watchers OVER a Baskin Robbins. PRICELESS.

    Although it is probably good advertising. Eat, feel guilt and redemption is just steps away.

  2. Hi :) I'm with you on the weather - I love autumn/winter! I have to say that the WW / Baskin Robbins photo made me laugh!

  3. lmao...those pictures are awesome!

  4. hope your head feels better. Thanks for sharing the funny pictures. :D

  5. I'm not cold either, but there are a couple of blogs on my blogroll that have been abandoned, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to delete them. Can you share? :)


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