Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am Kevelling

I had a busy day, today. Did my housework, then decided to do a few extra projects. I washed my pillows, mattress pad and freshened up my feather bed, today. The feather bed was easy, I just took it out onto my deck, hung it over the railing and spritzed it down well with a mixture of Downy and water in a spray bottle. Let it dry, repeated, flipped it and did the same thing on the other side. Now, you might ask why I don't take it in and have it cleaned. Because it would cost less to just buy a new feather bed. And mine is still in pretty good shape, it was just a bit stale and needed some freshening up. The Downy and water, sunshine and fresh air did the trick.

Two of my pillows are feather, too. I put them in the washer and let it start doing it's thing and looked in to see that they were all blown up, full of air. So I had to push them down into the water and agitate them by hand. In the machine because they wouldn't depuff. (Hmmm... Sounds familiar... :P) Then I let them spin and the washer fill for rinse. Then I had to push them down and agitate them by hand in the rinse water, then I let them spin out. And ran the spin cycle twice more. I had to let them stay in the dryer through three full cycles. Big, fat, king sized feather pillows take a long time to dry thoroughly. lol But they came out clean and fresh and just as fat and fluffy as when they were new. I still don't know if washing them again will be worth the hassle.

While all that was going on, I spritzed my mattress with the Downy and water mix and let it dry under my ceiling fan a couple of times so it could be freshened up, too. And I turned it, as I have been sleeping on the same side since Spring before last.

So, I am tired. I have been working my tail off around here the last couple do fays and my back and hips are killing me and I am taking tomorrow off! lol I will just do straightening and a quick once over, then I am going to plant my ass and rest my poor hip and back.

Lady Lap Band held a giveaway for a Biggest Loser digital food scale and... I won! I am so excited to win a prize in a giveaway and I am really appreciative of this. I need a digital scale, my poor old dial scale finally gave up the ghost and the old budget is tight, so this came at just the right time.

Thank You, Lady Lap Band! <3

 Food is good, today. I am topping out at 1440 calories for the day. I'll tell ya, come Thursday I had better have a loss on that scale. If I don't, I have some serious reassessing to do, I guess I am screwing up, somewhere.

Jay Leno just said that some study states that sleeping with a light on can cause obesity. Really? Hmmm... I sleep with a light on. I always fall asleep reading and I am afraid of the dark. So, that is why I am fat? It wasn't all that shit I shoved down my pie hole all those years? Dayumn! Does that mean that if I turn my lamp off and sleep in the dark I will magically be skinny? 

There you have it, my sweets. The answer to the obesity epidemic and the reason why you and I are fat. It's those damned bedside lamps. 

Chocolate cake for everyone! (Just be sure you turn off that light before you go nighty-night lolol)

All right. Who the heck knocked my plant over? Insensitive so and so's. They knocked down my poor widdle baby philodendron. Where is a triffid when you need it? ^^

Welp... I guess that is all I have, right now. 

Goodnight, gentle readers. 

Ooops! Sorry about the black font colour. I forgot I have a dark background and I don't know the html code to change the colour. (I know Vb but not html.) And I am not going to re-type all of that. 


  1. Sounds like a busy and productive day. Even housecleaning can be an exercise :) Do you currently have a lap band?

  2. Yeah people say if you sleep better and longer you are less likely to be obese, and since sleeping with a light on throws off melatonin production, your sleep might not be as efficient as someone who sleeps in total darkness. Weird, huh?

    BTW, you do alot of fucking laundry.

    Polar's Mom

  3. Shanilie, no I don't have a band. I am, as I like to call it, "kicking it old school". lol That is not to say that I don't fully support those who have WLS, because I absolutely do. :D

    Polar's Mom, I figured it was something like that. But I still think it is a crock. But, that is just my opinion and I may be wrong. (Sugar free cookie if you get the reference.;))

    And yes... I do a lot of fucking laundry. lolol


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