Saturday, October 30, 2010

An Orange Stalker

My cat did indeed attach himself to me, tonight. I baked some fish for my dinner and Marley was soooo happy. And excited. He devoured every bit I decided to share with him. And came around, looking for more.

I decided to make butternut squash fries to go with dinner, tonight. Okay, I have never, in my born days worked with butternut squash, before. Dayum! That shit is hard as a rock. I actually had to use a kitchen towel on top of my knife blade to protect my hand from the back of the blade as I pushed it through the squash. It took a lot of time to halve, cut the ends off of, seed, cut into eighths, peel and cut into strips that squash. But, after tossing them in some Pam and seasoned salt, laying them out on their foil lined and sprayed cookie sheets and baking them off, the work was worth it. Yum! So tasty. I made the fries too thin and they had to be eaten with a fork, but I don't care, they still tasted wonderful. Next time I will cut them thicker. :D

Husband and Son had Icky Willy Chili with macaroni for dinner. *shudders* I don't know how they can eat that shit. Seriously, it is bad. Really bad. Want the recipe? Just brown hamburger with some diced onion. Then add a can of tomato soup (condensed, no water) and a can of kidney beans with the slimy, gooey, barf inducing juice into the pot and stir it all up. You can add some chili powder to turn it into "real" chili. Simmer for a while and chow down.


Oh! Allen wanted to know just how cold it could get in Arizona. Actually, Allen, Arizona has a lot of different climates. It isn't all flat, low desert, sand, cacti and Gila monsters. I think that the impression that most people have of this state is that it is all like that. But it isn't. Arizona has varied topography and many climates ranging from low desert to high mountains. There is high desert, high valleys, foothills, mountains and magnificent tall pine forest. Elevations range from below sea level to over eight thousand feet. Climates and temperatures from mild to searing hot to bone freezing cold. We have endlessly sunny days and snow. Killer humidity and winds so cold that they will freeze a bucket or bowl of water left outside solid in less than an hour. Prescott, in north central Arizona is in forested foothill country. We sit at 5000 feet, our climate is pretty much temperate, tho we have more than the average of sunny days. We get spectacular thunderstorms in the Summer (we call them Monsoons) and in the Winter, snow is a frequent visitor to the area. Temps can drop into the teens, even single digits, during cold snaps at night. But it usually warms up a little during the day. Snow can get deep but melts away swiftly. In the Summer, 90s is normal, tho we get into the hundreds, too.

My biggest gripe with this state is the unrelenting sunshine. We see blue sky, sunshine every day. A 24 hour period without at least some blue sky/sunshine is rare. And I love dark, grey, windy days filled with rain and gloom. All this sunshine is fucking depressing. lol

Tomorrow is Hallowe'en.

Just say NO!!!! To candy!

Speaking of candy... Hubbs brought home a bag just in case we get any little costumed bandits ringing our doorbell. He bought fun sized Skittles. Made me think of Draz when I saw it. :D

Let's see... Food is really good, today. I am solidly on track. I should have, could have gone for a walk but I flaked. I'll have to get out there, tomorrow, provided I feel up to it.

Okay I guess that is all I have to babble about, tonight.


  1. I love that you are solidly on track! And especially with candy in the house ... stay strong!!

    TELL me about AZ temperatures. One February, we decided to check out the G.Canyon to see how different it was in winter ...

    Oh boy! There was snow & ice on the rim, of course. We decided to hike Bright Angel trail down to the floor of the canyon. We started out wearing parkas and layered clothing, and stripped as we decended. The rim was upper 20s, the canyon base was 80.

    It was bizarre to start the climb out in shorts and t-shirts, and have to stop along the way to add clothes back on. By the way, I wouldn't recommend doing the trail in February. That top 25% was SCARY slippery ... what were we thinking?!! You know it is bad, when you start LOOKING for hay-infused mule dung to step on for traction. Sheesh! LOL

    Have a happy Halloween!

  2. I just read your weather synopsis out loud to my husband. I told him that's it we're moving to AZ! My perfect climate...snow that doesn't stick around, perfect hot summers, and winters that stay above zero degrees during the day. I am so jealous!!

    Your weight loss is doing great! You are such an inspiration!!

  3. you know it took me years to get used to colorado. We have those occasional rainy days but they are few and far between. Now I go back east and fricking muggy and gloomy can it get lol.
    I love my dry heat and unrelenting sunshine.

  4. aren't kitties the best? They are so loyal and loving . . . as long as you feed them human food.


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