Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Have My Very Own Explosive Man

And I am convinced that he is trying to kill me.

The farting.

The shitting and not running the vent fan.

I'm dying, here.



  1. lololol,
    you think he's bad. My dog's farts smell like a on the border port a potty.
    We always feed him the same food. The plethora of excretions is I am sure you know.
    hang in there.

  2. OH the destruction of a bathroom is a horrible thing! Hubs uses our downstairs bathroom and I use the upstairs to prevent such disasters.

  3. Yep. We have separate bathrooms, too. Oooooooh, the nastiness!

  4. OMG - so not funny but soooo comforting knowing someone feels my pain.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA too funny. Man thinks it's funny to go into bathroom after he shits and loudly proclaims, "Honey! Somebody came and took a nasty shat in here!" Seriously. Crazy proud of his poop.

    Also, The Young Victoria was on cable movie station when I saw it the other day-SCINHD-not sure what that channel was but it was right before my encore stations...

    Polar's Mom

  6. To the lady who commented about her dog: check the ingredients in the dog food. You want to stay away from corn if at all possible, that's what makes your doggie stink. And that's also usually the number one ingredient in dog food. We switched our dog to lamb and rice when we found that out lol

  7. My husband doesn't even stop when he is asleep. Thank God there are enough blankets to muffle the smell.


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