Monday, October 4, 2010

Howz About a Thunderstorm?

Good Monday evening, my little chickadees.

I am in thunderstorm heaven, right now. Dark, low clouds, gusting winds, thunder, lightening and lots of rain. Mama like. :D

Would you all like to see my thunderstorm? I made a few little videos of the storm. My little digital camera can do one minute silent videos, so I did a few. My shooting sucks, I am warning you, right now. And the picture quality isn't top notch. But I think I captured a little of an Arizona thunderstorm.

In other bloggy type news... Not too much going on. I cleaned the house like a maniac, yesterday so I had an easy day, today. Which is nice, considering the fact that my head is up to a 3.5. Urgh! Food is right on track. But I need to crack down on my sodium intake, again. I am not expelling puff as I should be. *sigh*

I slept terribly, last night. I had seriously weird dreams and woke exhausted. I have been dragging ass all day and am so ready for bedtime.

I am enjoying this rain and cool air. Now, it is beginning to feel a little like Autumn. Oh! In my first video, did you see that some of the leaves are beginning to change?

Guess I am not going walking, tonight. lol


  1. Nothing like a good thunderstorm!

  2. I LOVE watching thunderstorms.

  3. Cool, it was like looking out a window. We've had rain here in NY for a week off and on. Real dismal, but no thunder.


  4. It poured down here in Mesa too!!! I LOVE rainy days!!!

  5. Nothing like a good thunder storm to relieve the air!

  6. I LOVE a good thunderstorm! Kind of jealous, lol. :)


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