Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Boring Day

Just doing housework, laundry, goofing around on my puter and trying to stay on track. And warm. Let's not forget that. It is 49 degrees, today so we are having a heatwave. lol

Other than that, nothing much of any interest is happening. And I can't think of a frakking thing to say. I just wanted to check in and now I am going to go read your blogs and catch up with everyone.

Later. :D


  1. It is 19 here in MN with a windchill down to -4 because of 30 MPH winds. So, you, my friend are toasty warm at 49 degrees!!

  2. Wacky weather here, too. Yesterday there was ice on the pond, today there was no need for a coat at the morning bus stop, but now it is snowing big beautiful fluffy snowflakes. I wish this global warming business wasn't so darn inconsistent!


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