Thursday, November 4, 2010

Too Early

My brain is foggy my eyes aren't yet focusing properly. I don't do mornings. Yet, here I sit, fingers dancing slowly, clumsily across my keyboard in an attempt to type something, anything that could be described as vaguely coherent. And I seem to be succeeding, to some extent. I gotta tell ya, sometimes I fucking amaze myself.

Coffee will help.

My dog had to go out at six-thirty. Six frakking thirty. And not to just take a fast pee... Oh, no! She had to stay out there, using her beak all over the place, sniffing and looking and thinking about it and moving on until she found just the right spot in which to bunch up and take a crap. Dude, women don't take as long to find the perfect wedding dress as that dog does finding the perfect place to drop a deuce.

It was crisp, this morning but not outright cold. The sky was a deep slate blue, turning lighter blue in the East, gossamer wisps of cloud were deep pink and orchid and nestled in them was the merest sliver of a crescent moon. In the West it was still dark enough to see Orion, riding high above the horizon. The light breeze pushed the early morning chill right through my lightweight cotton robe and nightshirt, reminding me that, in spite of the warm days, it is Fall.

I have decided not to weigh, today. I am a puffy mess. There is no point and I don't feel like putting myself through all the mental torture. I'll wait until my ankles return to a more normal state and get to it. I feel smaller, tho so I know that fat is leaving me. That is good enough, for now.

My vision is beginning to clear a bit. I might just be waking up. Caffeine... It is a miracle. A true miracle.

I think I am going to do eggs for brekkie, this morning. I notice I snack more (salt... hence the puffiness :P) when I have Cream of Wheat. Hmmm... Interesting.

My headstorm is calming a bit. I have hopes that today will be a bit more pleasant. :D

Okay, 'nuff of this shit. I need to drink moar coffee and read blogs. See what all you fine people are up to, this morning.

Okay. Later, gators. :D


  1. Good morning Erika. I just finished my 2nd cup of coffee and feel like I still need more, lol. I hope you have a beautiful day. :)

  2. That is hysterical about your dog, I had one like that especially if it had just snowed, was raining, or windy. Years to poop! Although now that she is gone, I would give anything to go out in the rain and wait for the princess to find her perfect spot.

  3. My dog is so like that: no appreciation for my love of sleep. It's ALL about her. Thank Lord Jesus that Husband 2.0 doesn't mind getting up with her when she gets like that. Hubby is uber protective of my sleep and it's awesomely sexy.


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