Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good Morning

How is everyone, this fine Veterans Day morning?

I have a nasty headbanger. Woke up with it and it seems to be settled in for a nice, long visit. Bleargh!

Guess what else I woke up to? Those charming vertical "eleven" lines between my eyes. I literally woke to them, this morning. I didn't have those lines, yesterday. I do, today. What. The. Fuck??? How the hell did that happen? Geeze! A little early birthday present from Mother Nature, I guess. She probably thought that they would go very nicely with my ever increasingly grey hair? Bitch.

 I had a good day with food yesterday. Right up until I decided, for some insane reason that some pretzel sticks and peanut butter would make a good watching a movie snack. What, I couldn't air pop some popcorn? Nooooo... I had to down about 500 calories. Gah!!! *headdesk*

No wonder...

I have no right to piss and moan about slow weight loss. Not when I make idiotic choices like that. *rolling my eyes*.

I would like to make something about my previous post clear, if I may. I am boycotting Amazon until they remove both listings referenced in the article to which I linked. Not just the newer e-book. I don't have a problem with Amazon or any other retailer offering material of a sexual nature, including pornography, as long as that material deals with sexual activity that is between consenting adults. My objection is with books that are telling other pedophiles how to be better child rapists. This isn't about free speech, this is about protecting children from predators. Books that teach predators how to control and train children to be better victims for them should not exist. Children are not sexual beings. And forcing them to become so, in any way, shape or form is nothing short of monstrous. And I refuse to support any retailer that offers such material.

I suppose that one could argue that protesting these listings is a form of censorship, that if Amazon is forced to remove those listings because a segment of the population finds it objectionable, that they should be forced to remove any other books, movies or music others would find equally objectionable, thus putting their entire business at the top of a very steep, slippery slope. This isn't about getting rid of everything anyone might find distasteful, this is about protecting children. And in this instance, we, as humans have to stand up and protect the well being of those who have no voice, no way to defend and protect themselves. This isn't about controlling what content others decide to enjoy, this is about doing what is right. It should be a no brainer. And Amazon should see this, do the right thing and remove the listings.

 This is my choice. I don't presume to tell anyone else what to think or how to act. I don't judge anyone who chooses to continue to shop Amazon. I am merely stating my own position.

I have some housework to get done, I need to make a shopping list and do a few other things around here. I am glad that I got my bathroom scrubbed, yesterday while I was doing laundry. I was going to do it, today but thinks to this frakking headache, I don't feel up to it.  Oh, and just in case anyone is wondering, caffeine isn't a headache trigger for me. I have just as bad bangers without it. Good thing, since I am not willing to give up my fully leaded coffee fix. :P

Okay. Time for my second cuppa.


  1. Just caught up on the last post. Are you effing kidding me?????????????? I'm especially pissed because I just ordered 2 things from Amazon LAST more...not until they stop selling that shit...unbe-fucking-lievable.

  2. I saw about this earlier. I don't agree with telling people what they can or can't write, but I can and will definitely boycott Amazon for choosing to sell such things. It's disgusting to me that they'd be willing to sell such a disturbing book.

    I'm glad you're doing the same!

  3. I'm not boycotting Amazon over it. However, the page was removed practically as soon as it went up. I went to it yesterday evening to check and it was down. So no one has to worry.

    Tammy, you don't have to worry about anything you bought last week. The page wasn't up yet so you couldn't have known.

    As I understand it, the self-published book was a parody. In poor taste? That's the mildest thing you could say about it. But I've read that it wasn't serious; it was mocking NAMBLA, the National Man Boy Love Association.


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