Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting to Know You... All Over Again

So, I was in my bathroom this afternoon, brushing my choppers. I don't normally brush after lunch but I had fish for lunch and nothing says fresh, minty breath quite like a hunk of salmon. Yeah... Not. lol So, anyway, I was in there, brushing away and I had my left hand fisted and propped on my hip. I looked in the mirror and saw something unfamiliar on my left arm. A lump? A bump? I lifted my arm and gazed, trying to figure out what it was.

Then it hit me. Holy shit! It was my wrist bone!

Welcome back, old friend.

It's been a long, long time.

It's nice to see you, again. :D

It is another sunny day. It was a tad warmer than yesterday. We have the dining room window hanging open, right now. And it is likely to stay that way for a while, since I am going to bake off another batch of frozen cherry turnovers for my husband and son.  Husband keeps chewing on cherry turnovers and he is going to have problems. Add the sugary soda and other stuff he has reintroduced to his repertoire and he is just asking for trouble. That borderline diabetic diagnosis is going to be bumped up to diabetes. Full stop.

Oh well. He has life insurance.

And I look good in black.

Why yes, I am a sick, twisted bitch. Thankyouverymuch for noticing.  :P

Look, my husband is a big boy; he is capable of making his own decisions. He knows what he should do and he chooses to do something else. I know where he is with this. And I also know that until he feels the need to do something different, for his own reasons, for himself, he isn't going to do it. And I can't control that. I can only control my own eating habits. When or if he wants support and help, he knows where he can find it.

My eating is on track. I still need to have dinner... Probably soup. Maybe some popcorn, for dessert. We'll see. I am not too hongry, I don't feel the need to feed all that much. I'll play it by ear.

Okay, time to go put the turnovers in the oven.


  1. I'm right there with the hubby. He is type 2 diabetic and refuses to do anything about it (other than drink diet soda). I don't even say anything anymore. If he wants to fuck up his life, then so be it.

    Turnovers sound sooooo yummy. I think I'm drooling alittle.

  2. Now I want a damn turnover! *pout* LOL!

  3. Maybe stop making the turnovers...?

  4. My husband was trying to 'lose weight' but then would eat five meals a day..considering what a huge lard ass I was for years and years I didn't really feel I had much to say concerning his dietary one day he looks at me and says "do you think I'm fat'.
    Now there was a moment of zen.
    I said, "Do you think you're fat?"
    He said "Yes".
    So he says "What should I do?"
    I say "stop eating five meals a day."
    he hasn't yet.
    I found my ankle bone and thought it was a tumor for like five minutes...
    lolol...till I realized it matched my other ankle.

  5. Hooray for wrist bones!!! And I assume you're still making the turnovers for him because he asks you to, right? Not for any kind of insurance money??? lmao....just effin' with ya' girl. :)

  6. Husbands or other loved ones have to make their own choices and come to do what they have to do on their own. We can't do it for them, no matter how much we want to.

    Thanks you all for your encouragement and woo-hoos on my wrist bones. :D And right back atcha for all of you who are making the same discoveries. :D :D

  7. You are hilatious! I love it! Welcome back wrist bone! I found my hip bone this week! Exciting isn't it! I love your blog!

  8. Can hip bones be too far behind? Congrats on rediscovering your previously hidden wrist bones!!


  9. I agree 100%. My hubs has been trying to loose weight for everal months and just eats junk...yesterday it was two desserts. I just ignore it and refocus on me!

  10. God I love your humor. It is so refreshing. And I should try salmon..just don't know how to cook it exactly.


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