Thursday, November 18, 2010

Creeping... Creeping...

I weighed, this morning. 316.4 down 1.8 pounds. I'll take it. :)

Creeping slowly, steadily downward.

Tammy, I read your comment on my last post and almost sprayed coffee all over my laptop. Damn, girl. You are as evil as I am. ^^ lol But seriously, no. I don't buy the turnovers and make them for him. He buys them, brings them home and asks me to bake them off for him. I won't even pick up the box and put them in the cart at the grocery store. As I have said, before he has to have his own come to Jesus moment. I can't do that for him. I would, if I could.

It is a brisk morning. The temp is up to 28 degrees. My cat is blissing out in front of my fireplace. I am enjoying my first cup of coffee of the morning. My brain is slowly waking up and my eyes are beginning to focus. I might actually be awake.

Maybe. :P


  1. Glad I could make you smile today!! And GREAT JOB on that loss!! :)

  2. Hey! Way to GO!! "Creeping, creeping" - in the right direction - is ALWAYS good!!

    PS.. Show him how the oven works if he wants turnovers! :)

  3. 1.8 is awesome! I would have rounded it to 2 lol you rock!


    With a cherry on never cease to amaze me!

  5. Downward progress is the preferred direction. If you've got to creep to get there then so be it. That is a great loss though.

    And the temp is UP to 28 degrees? Good Lord I am glad I live in Texas.

  6. Good for you with the weight loss. 1.8 is not insignificant!

    And a comment from another post: your husband and his denial and inaction are alot like me just 5 months ago. My hubby has eaten well for many years (basically all his life) but after a heart incident, he started cardio work outs. I watched him do all this and continued to ignore my weight. I was in denial, too. Not now. Might happen, yet, for your hubs, and before it is too late.


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