Thursday, November 11, 2010

No Pretzels and Peanut Butter

So, better, today. I had plenty of food and I am satisfied and happy that I didn't snack like an idiot or go overboard. I really do want to hit my first major milestone by the end of this year and I know I can at least get kissing it close if I just stay on track and work my program.

Yesterday, I put on a 3X long sleeved t-shirt. A top I haven't been able to wear for... almost a decade. It just slid right on, I had room in it, it wasn't loosey goosey, it wasn't tight. It just... fit. And no dirty tricks were needed to make that happen.

You know what dirty tricks to which I refer. We do things to keep us wearing clothes that perhaps we shouldn't, out of vanity or necessity. Things like washing everything on the delicate cycle in cold water "to avoid shrinking", then hanging it all up to dry, rather than tossing them in the dryer. To avoid shrinking. If garments are stretchy, stretch them while wet, so that they dry a little bigger. Before you put them on, give them a damned good pull to loosen them up, put them on then pull them front to back, then to the sides. Ahhh... Now that top fits. And pants, pull them on and do squats or sti down a few times to loosen them up so that you don't look like a stuffed sausage casing from the waist down.

So, yeah... No tugging, no stretching, no games. The shirt had been washed on the regular cycle and through the dryer. And it fits me.

I know that 3X is hardly goal size, here but considering the fact that I was bulging out of a 5X (playing the tricks to get into that size) I am pretty happy with the change.

When I was at my heaviest, I wore a size 6X cotton blend bigshirt to WalMart, one day. It was tight across my hips. So tight that while I was in the store, I had to bend down to pick something up that I had dropped. I have to tell you, it is a bitch to bend down and pick something up when you are hefting 400 pounds around and squeezing into a size 6X shirt. Especially in public. Especially when bending over causes your huge belly to really stress your shirt placket and a button, with a little ping! flies off the front of your shirt and goes rolling under a display. Yeah, that was a real red face moment. :P

I don't want any more of those moments. I have had more than my share and I am over them. And I am more than ready to pass them along. Share. Because I am a giver.


  1. I once sat down in a an antique chair at my mil's house and cracked it...then the following day I was going to go to a wedding and the shirt I bought before I left on the trip was just too tight, it looked like crap. I ended up wearing my brother in laws button down dress shirt over my pants. I never want to do that again either.

  2. Getting into a smaller size is def. something to celebrate! I am one of those annoying people who has to lose a TON of weight to get into the next size. Like, some people seem to be able to lose only 10 lbs to get into a smaller size where I have to lose like 20 lbs (or more) to lose a size so smaller sizes is def. worth celebrating in my book! Congrats again :)

  3. WTG on that awesome NSV, it's always fantastic to fit into a smaller size!

    I remember being at work and bending over to pick something up and hearing the seam in my pants give out... Thankfully, I worked in retail and a very close friend of mine found me new pants while I cowered in the bathroom.

    We all have had those moments- but as you said, no more!

  4. Down from a 6X to a 3X is FANTASTIC progress girl!! So proud of you...I know that feels great! :)

  5. Ditto to what everyone here already wrote and... New photos of you in 3x to be posted soon...?

  6. How nice of you to want to share...Please, keep the gifts, send cash... Good stuff

  7. That is a terrific NSV. Size 6x to 3X! Wow that is down three sizes. Congrats! Keep strong.

  8. Way to take control of the situation and see success! I love that you are focused, determined, and ready to handle business. It inspires me to keep plugging along. xoxoxo- D

  9. What a wonderful thing...I love it when smaller sized clothes fit...I am not currently there--but am so proud that you are (I am still using those "tricks" you referenced...:) But it's getting better--back on track now!). So, while I am not able join ya...I will celebrate your success!!! Congrats!

  10. You are doing hard, honest work to lose weight. Honesty in this can be a really hard thing too.

    Fitting into that 3X shirt for real is to be celebrated. I can't wait until you fit into a L. It is coming. :)


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