Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Morning Quickie

It is supposed to be nearly eighty degrees, today. What month is this? lol

I had a pretty good day with calories, yesterday. Just over 1700... Not exactly what I was shooting for but acceptable. I ate pop chips, last night. I knew better than to even open the bag... But I did. And emptied it. Not acceptable. It isn't the calories as much as the behaviour. If I want them again, I need to get the little snack size bags. Because I know that once I start on them, I won't stop.

Still have work to do.

Moving on.

My head is in an uproar, I predict a fairly quiet, blinds closed day.

I need to go, now. I am typing in Martain. lol


  1. 80 degrees, wow! It's cool, dreary and rainy here in Memphis, but hey I'll take it. Close the blinds and relax lady you deserve it.

  2. That's "Press-kit" for you ;)

    Hot here in CA too!

  3. Wow I am totally jealous of you weather. Here in Massachusetts it was 20 degrees when I got up at 5:30am and only 27 degrees when I put my son on the school bus at 7:20am. Everything was covered in a coat of frost and I could see my

  4. oh my goodness - I want 80 degrees too!! It's been in the twenties here during the mornings too...

    Sorry to hear your head is in an uproar...

  5. Pop chips beat the Fritos I've been plowing through. Should've known better than to bring the damn things in the house.

    Hope your head feels better soon! :)

  6. My weather is finally feeling crisp and fall like- hope yours turns soon- it makes outdoor workouts a lot easier!!


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