Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sheet Washin' Day!

Oh joy! Oh boy! Another fine, sunny day and another day in which I get to run my washing machine and dryer. But, I will have soft, smooth, yummy smelling sheets, tonight so it will be worth it. Isn't is lovely to slip into bed between freshly washed, softly fragrant cotton sheets?

I am also planning a trying on clothes marathon for later. A couple of very lovely, very generous ladies shared some clothes with me and I am so grateful. I haven't had anything different, new to me in a long time. I think a few things will fit me, right now and others in a few pounds and a few things will go into my "future container" for when I get a bit more weight off. And, when I get too small for them, I can pass them along to others who can wear them.

Ya know what is frustrating? Is that I have to lose so. frakking. much. frakking. weight to go down sizes. *sigh* And that I wear a larger size than I look or my weight would suggest. It also makes me nuts that women who weigh the same as I do or even a bit more wear smaller sizes than I. I know that it is silly and that I shouldn't compare myself to others or worry about what they can or can't compared to what I can or can't, but I can't help myself. I can't help feeling somewhat okay, more than somewhat envious. And as if it isn't fair. 

I know... What a whiner. Call the waaahhhmbulance. If I want to wear a smaller size, I need to keep my ass on track and get there. It isn't going to happen by magic. Or by whining and feeling envious. 

So there. :P (That was to me... In case you were wondering. ;))

Okay, I need to go toss my sheets in my dryer and make another cup of coffee. I need moar caffeine. I also need something that will make this fucking migraine go. away. Day two of this round and I can barely move my head. Urgh! I am in for a long blow, this time. I was seeing flashy dots in front of my eyes, this morning which is a signal of nothing good. I wish I could just find a hole, crawl into it, go to sleep and wake up when it is over and I can move without my head exploding.

I wonder if I can teach my dog to put my stuff in my dryer and make my bed? :P


  1. Gosh, it seems that you get way more than your fair share of migraines! I hope your head feels better soon! I have to agree about the sheets...to me it's one of life's greatest simple pleasures...to slip in between fresh sheets! I read somewhere that Oprah has her sheets changed every other day, what a luxury!! Oh, to live the rich life, LOL!

  2. They are my share. It is how it has always been and I am used to it. I just like to bitch a bit. lol

    Fresh sheets every other day... It would be nice. I suppose I could wash mine every other day but dang! Who has the time? lol

  3. I know exactly how you feel, Erika. I'm wear a larger size than I look like I do. Other people at my weight were much smaller sizes but I'm still in a 16. I think it is because most of my weight is still in my stomach area. I have wide hips too.

  4. I know you feel like you still have so far to go- but just think of how wonderful you'll feel in 6 months or a year from now, when an even bigger amount of weight is gone. You're doing so wonderfully! I've often thought about the process of losing weight and why it takes so long. How we have to change so much internally in order to see the outward effects. You are changing and the evidence is there. And it's cool that women are giving you clothes to wear so you don't have to buy a bunch of stuff that you'll shrink out of soon...

    If I lived closer Erika, I'd come and take care of your sheets for you so you could rest from your migraine. I hope you feel better soon- xoxoxo-


  5. Holy cow! I am thinking the same thing about the size issue.. but I've finally gotten to where I realize that they don't have the curves I have (well, most of them don't).. I will SO stay into a size 16 for now, if it means I get to keep my wonderful booty.. lol

    Goodluck with the migraine.. I am getting one too (wondering if I could see the screen in my dark room if I put my sunglasses on.. lol)

  6. Thank you, everyone. I am working it out. It is all part of the process, I guess. :)


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