Monday, November 29, 2010


Good morning, lovebugs. I hope that you are all keeping warm on this crisp morning. It is a brisk 19 degrees, in my neck of the woods. I am sitting here, under my heating vent soaking up the soft, warm breeze blowing down upon me. Feels so good.

Okay, I just have to say, extra coarse sea salt is baaad. Bad for me, anyway. I am, as I think I have mentioned before a bit of a salt freak. And lately I have been over indulging in gourmet extra coarse sea salt. Well, that extra coarse salt is like little nuggets of crack for me. I was putting them on everything. Even eating them right out of the jar. I know... Bad. And boy did it ever catch up with me. Yesterday, I woke up and I was so puffy I couldn't make a fist. My hands were that swollen. So, the crack extra coarse salt has been stashed away and I am punishing myself with just regular old table salt. And a lot, lot less of it. I like being able to use my hands.

Will I ever learn? :P

I am still having good days and not so good days. More good days than not but still... It is slowing me down and I know that I am not going to make my end of the year goal and that pisses me off. I am responsible. And I am perfectly capable of doing what I need to do. Why I am choosing to sink myself some days is what I seem to be struggling with. And it is stupid, when I sit and really think about it. I really don't have an excuse. I just need to keep my shit together and keep looking forward. I am not going backward. I can't and I won't.

I finally talked the males in my life into bringing up my tub of icicle lights. I am going to get them out, look them over and test them. I'll mark any bulbs that must be replaced then run to Wally World and pick up replacement bulbs and some gutter clips (I have shingle clips...) and then Husband can get them up on the roof line. (I don't do ladders.) I am going to hang some in the back, too. And leave them up all the time. I can use them as extra light when I am grilling after dark. I need more light out there. Cooking by the light of one lower watt yellow bulb sucks big ones.

I can't wait to get seriously into my Christmas decorating. I am so ready for some twinkle, sparkle and colour, around here. :D

It is colder here than in Chicago. Imagine that. :P

Okay, I want another cup of coffee. Then I suppose I should have my brekkie and get some stuff done around here.


  1. I know what you mean about the salt! But I can't say I've eaten it on its own before. Doesn't it taste a bit weird?

  2. It is so hard to straighten out our thinking when there are some habits and thinking that is very ingrained. Working around those blocks can be done but sometimes it takes help. I wish you the best of luck with getting back on track and staying there. :)

  3. The reason all of us are trying to lose weight is because we have a particular weakness for food, binging, and feeding emotions. It's to be expected that it wont change overnight, and you won't have the same willpower every day. What's important is that you are recognizing and acknowledging the habit and trying, whenever you can muster the will, to break it. That in itself is the real goal I guess. I have lost almost all the weight I want to lose, but the challenge of maintaining it will be a lifelong challenge because food happens to be my drug of choice... After one year of mostly healthy eating, I still struggle at least a couple days a week, particularly when I am PMSing.

  4. Yiles! that sounds like some harsh bloating. I blow up like a balloon when I have any salt. :)

  5. it's colder there than Ohio too. Wow. I have been really wanting the salt lately and I know it's all mental. I read in Whole Living or one of those magazines that hypothyroid is in part due to lack of iodine and iodized salt is the best source for that, or one of the best anyway. We had gone on low-sodium diet when my mom lived with us a few years ago and really had never gone off of it.

    As long as I'm drinking shloads of water, I can still have my salt, but sea salt is not iodized, so I can't have the really yums either.

  6. I can't add a thing to what has already been commented. I can just say you should be proud for noticing what is bad and making a plan to deal with it. That, my friend, is progress.

    And I made the spaghetti squash bake. It was wonderful. I didn't add any meat or veggie burger to it and the calories are ridiculously low.

  7. I've given up table salt a long time ago - which means I have to be really careful with the crac.... uhm, I mean SEA salt!

    I'm with you on the decorating, too! I can't wait to get out and get things all colorful and bright!!

    I hope you had a good day today!

  8. for the longest it was popcorn. I banned it.
    then it was buttered crackers...banned that.
    next thing you know I will get a salt lick. lol.
    I love salt too.

  9. The salt gets me too. Sugar, salt, fat. Lather, rinse, repeat. Grrrr.

    Best wishes with putting your foot down. You can do it.


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