Monday, November 22, 2010

A Sunshiney Day

All of my beautiful rain and clouds have blown away and the sun is shining brightly. My lovely interlude is over.

My weekend, nutritionally wasn't so lovely. I didn't eat enough to gain weight but I certainly didn't eat to lose. I am frustrated with myself. I have really been struggling to stay on track and I don't know what my damage is. I do know that I am allowing myself to slide off track. And it is time to tighten the reigns and get myself back under control.

A lower calorie ceiling is called for. I keep allowing myself to get away with this oh, it is just a couple of hundred over and it is okay and it is getting out of control. So, back to my tougher target range. 1200 to 1400. 1400 is my ceiling. And it is not glass.

I have come too far, worked too hard to let myself go back, now. I will get past this. I just have to do it, soon.

I allowed myself to sleep in, this morning. I needed rest and some additional sleep. I should have gotten up at my usual time. When I came out to my kitchen to put on my teakettle, I saw that my laundry room floor was covered in dog vomit. It. Was. Disgusting. I had to clean up all that barf and wash my floor. The whole time, I was gagging and came dangerously close to adding to the mess. Blech! Gross! What a way to start my day.

At least I got a good night's sleep and actually feel rested. :P

So, yeah. Shitty weekend. Barfy morning. I hope that today is a little better. Food and dog stomach wise. lol

I have laundry to do. I suppose I should get to it.

Happy day.


  1. Oooh girl you are so much better than me cause I know I would have added to the dog barf. Oh my goodness, I feel for you but you were a trooper and got it done. I hope your eating gets to your expectations. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Oh poor doggy, I hope it is feeling better. I have one and sometimes she gets sick on my floor. I have a hard time cleaning it up so I know what you went through. Happy Turkey day..

  3. Far out, hang in there! Dog barf just equals plain...barf! Good luck with getting back on track, it will be worth it :)

  4. So good to hear the resolve. I always need to hear that. Go for it.

    Blech on the puke. You are a better man than I.

  5. This is such a difficult time of year. The time change; dark by 5:30; dark upon waking in the AM; and with the holidays coming, it's a double punch. Keep pushing through...know you're not alone (definitely not alone) and hope tomorrow is better - along with your dog ;)

  6. It is a rough time of year for staying on track; good to hear that you're being strong.

  7. Um yah. I wouldn't have been able to do that. I almost barfed reading this. No more puke stories. Ever. LOL


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