Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Last Entry

For November, that is. ^^

I did better, today. I came in just over 1400 calories and no whirling and scrabbling in the noggin. It wasn't a struggle. I didn't have to fight or white knuckle it. Maybe I will be going into some smoother sailing, again. Looking back over my daily calorie log for the month, it has been a rough go. I have had good days and bad. More good, but not enough to count this month as a fist pumping victory. More like I dragged myself, kicking and screaming the whole way. :P

I baked a butternut squash for dinner, tonight. Yum! Easy to do and so tasty. I should have let it go a little longer, tho. It was still a tad stringy and undercooked in spots. But boy was it ever tasty. I had it with some salt (a little salt... :P) pepper and some buttery spray. I am going to stock up on more squash when I go shopping. I have developed a real taste for the stuff.

Turns out that I am going to have to alter my outdoor lighting plan. We are not going to be able to hang my icicle lights all the way across our condo at the roof line as I had wanted to. It is too high up and an extension ladder won't work. So, I am going to just hang them above my front balcony and across the railing. I'll do something with my pearl lights, too. And the tree I put up out there has coloured lights on it but I am going to string clear lights on it and use them, instead. I think that should do the trick. I should pick up one of those cheesy plastic star toppers with lights and reflectors all over it to top the outdoor tree. I like a nice mix of kitschy and classy in my Christmas decorations. :D

I think I will make a cup of herb tea. I just need to choose peppermint or country peach. Those are my two faves from the Celestial Seasonings line.

Okay. Brain dead, now. So I am going to go. :)


  1. I have been meaning to try butternut squash. . . I need to do that this weekend!

    Enjoy your tea. I just had Earl Grey ;)

  2. cheap trick lady. Don't do that...I got my 'don't go' speech all prepared.
    Glad today was easier for you. Hang in there okay....Can you believe this year is nearly over? Holy crap the 30's go fast.
    Luckily 39 lasts forever.

  3. You are ambitious. I never do outdoor lights. It drives the kids nuts that I won't.

  4. I am actually hiring someone to hang some lights on a few of our big outdoor trees this weekend. I've wanted to do that for years ...

    Be sure to post pictures!

    Oh, and OCTOBER is long past ... no fair scaring me that way! lol

  5. Um not nice - to scare me like that with your title. I nearly had a panic attack. lol

  6. I love squash!!! I eat it a lot!


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