Monday, November 1, 2010

It Was Inevitible

I knew it was going to happen.

It has been building.



The mocking.

The taunting.

Getting sick of seeing it every day...

That smug, fat...

I snapped.

It was fast... A few swift slashes with my chef's knife and it was all over but the crying.

That pomegranate didn't stand a chance.

What a mess, huh?

But, look at the ruby red, tart-sweet jewels you get for your trouble.

Om, nom, nom, nom.  

I am on track, steady and stable. Had a pretty good day. :) 

It is unseasonably warm, here. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 75 degrees. 

Is this November or May? 


ETA: Am I the only one who hates the new photo uploader? Gah! It is driving me in. sane!!!


  1. Poor hideous creature!
    and yeah, the photo uploader is as

  2. I love pom seeds. Yummy! :)

    And, no you are not the only one. Its making me crazy too!

  3. So yum! I love me some pomegranate!

  4. Ya had me going for a minute!! Glad it was just a pomegranate!!! Enjoy!

  5. LOOOVE and banished.
    Im only allowed to eat em in the kitchen now after ruining a carpet :)


  6. Ooooooo...pom seeds. The BEST! :)

  7. Love Poms, I have a few in my fridge right now

  8. When I was a kid we had a pomegranite tree in the yard.........I sure miss it!

  9. I laughed out loud! By the way....I've never eaten a pomegranite. :(

  10. What a terrific post!!! Hahaha!! I too laughed out loud! Pomegranites are wonderful, aren't they?? Thanks for the laugh!


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