Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Didn't Post Yesterday, Did I?

Not too much to yap about, really. I had a kind of rough couple of days, eating wise. No bingeing but not on track, either. I am getting my shit back together... This is not the beginning of a slide or anything. Just being stupid. I used being upset at my husband, yesterday as an excuse.

Yeah, like that is a valid reason. Still haven't learned not to use food as a drug, have I? I still fall back into this old, bad pattern, on occasion. I don't do it often, anymore. I need to learn not to do it, at all.


Other than that, not too much going on around here. I need to get ready to go, in a bit. I have errands to run, shopping to do.

The Weather Channel has their graphics messed up. I just glanced up at the screen and they had Phoenix at 76 degrees and snowing. :P


  1. We all have those days Erika, just try not to connect them together for too long.

    I know about the old habits though. I had something happen to me on Wednesday, and the first I wanted to do to make myself feel better, was grab something sugary, sweet, and fattening.

    You're acknowledging your feelings, and that is a great first step to changing them!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Hang in there! We all have days when we aren't at our best food-wise. But think about it - in comparison to the old days - they are far better. You rock-it girl!

    Oh - and it's not snowing in Phoenix! :)

  3. You are learning though. Being kind of off track vs. full on binging free fall is progress in this journey. We can't be perfect, but picking ourselves up quicker is the key to moving onward and downward.

    Chillax and give yourself a break. You are doing great! :) :hug:

  4. I am a horrible emotional eater. The one sarcastic statement I say to myself in the times when I'm grabbing something to stuff down my feelings of being mad at something/someone? "Yeah, that'll show em." Realizing I was serving double duty in the "shit on" line is something I'm continually relearning. ((sigh))

  5. Yes - back on got this my dear. You so got this.


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