Sunday, November 28, 2010


I woke this morning, looked outside and it was as if someone had held a giant shaker of powdered sugar over town and given it a good shake. The ground is dusted with a fine sprinkling of sugary snow. The tattered remnants of the clouds that gifted us with our first snow of the season are being chased away by a brisk, cold wind.

Hello Winter.

Methinks it is time to start hanging Christmas decorations. I feel the need for sparkle. Lots of sparkle. I do think I am going to edit what I put up this year, tho. When I put out everything I own, it all overwhelms this little place. And I think that this year, I am going to do all clear lights. I did a mix of clear and coloured, last year.

I promised to cook a nice brekkie for the boys, this morning. I have had my first cup of coffee and can begin to function so I suppose I should get to it.


  1. My children put up our tree last night. They did a wonderful job and it is very beautiful. I may put up a few lights outside on the porch later on. It is hard to believe that it is almost Christmas time. I usually look forward to Christmas but this year the enthusiasm is muted by everything else. Maybe the spirit of Christmas just hasn't struck me yet. I would love to see a little snow.

  2. Snow! Yes, that will get you in the spirit. I don't start the decorating until the first weekend in December. I get tired of the decorations if I do it too soon. This year I think it's silver and gold for us. So clean looking.

  3. I bet you decorate beautifully...something tells me you're very good at it...might be the beautiful manicures you put out there. I did mine this morning with some bling stickers...and thought of you!

  4. Wanna come do my decorations for me? I'm tempted to just let it slide this year. No, I'm not the grinch- just lazy. :(

  5. Well down here in Texas we had our windows open most of the day. It was in the upper 60's. Ahhh. . . LOL
    I'm getting ready to decorate. Maybe this week. . .
    Hope you had a nice Sunday :)

  6. I have my outside lights up, just have to get the tree. Hope breakfast is good...the snow sounds pretty.

  7. yep
    another Texan JEALOUS of your shaker of the sugar :)



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