Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Got This

Hello chickens. :D How's everyone?

I am well and I am feeling pretty good about things. Another good day is in the books. If I choose to have my before bed sugar free cocoa, I will end the day just under 1400 calories. Right on target. :D I came in at 1150, yesterday.

Seems that a good, hard shake was exactly what I needed. And, knowing that my "fatter" clothes are now gone has served to make the fire under my ass a little hotter. lol Which isn't a bad thing. I need a little hotter ass, don'tcha think?

I could definitely stand to have it smaller.

Brrr... It is cold, here. It was all frosty and icy, this morning and I am sitting here, all cold and wanting to turn on my fireplace. But my husband would scream bloody murder if I do. He runs hot. And he hates it when I have any heat on. That nut job likes to run the A/C in his work truck when it is snowing. Insane. Maybe I'll go put on a fleece. I need to run and pee... I could grab a warmie, at the same time.

Stupid overheated husband, anyway...

I need to finish shopping for Thanksgiving, tomorrow. Just have a little more stuff to grab and get a few other things to just eat. After all, Thanksgiving dinner is only one meal, and since I am not cooking to have a bunch of leftovers, it is just one meal. Not The Once and Future Meal.

Oh, golly, am I not clever? :P

Geeze! I'm cold. My little choppers are actually chattering.

That's better. I am a little warmer, now.

Stupid, overheated husband, anyway...


  1. getting rid of the fat clothes is a good way to burn the bridge to fatsylvania. Keep up the good work.

  2. Husbands! Mine doesn't mind the cold either. We took kiddo to the bus yesterday, seeing our breath in the air - no coat for him.


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