Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Sunday :D

Hello everyone. :D

It is a cool but sunny Sunday morning. Almost afternoon, now. I slept a little later than normal, had coffee, fooled around with my blog, (I will do a post on how to get three columns and have cutsie background and so forth without scary mucking about in HTML and having to backup and so forth, if anyone is interested. Just drop me a comment. :D) had a quick brunch of a light Nutri Grain waffle with a fried egg (in Pam, of course ;)) with a half ounce of light cheese. Yummy, filling, protein and cheese and all for only 185 calories. :D

I need to go get in the shower, in a bit. I would like to get to the drugstore and return some stuff, do a little running around and get out of this frakking house for a bit.

My eating was really good, yesterday. I ended the day on target and feeling better and better about myself. Now to keep the momentum. I am allowing myself to slide a bit too much, lately and it is beginning to scare me a little. I can make that work for me. Yes, I can.

Okay, I don't really have any deep thoughts or profound truths to share. I just wanted to natter, a little.


  1. cute layout!

    And that is how you build motivation - day in and day out doing what you need to do and seeing results. Awesome job on the protein.

  2. I like the layout alot!!!

  3. You don't need to spew profound truths every day. The nuts and bolts of it is that you know you want to keep up the momentum, and you will.

    Your blog layout looks great. I love the new background.

  4. Love your blog! Have been reading for a couple of months and I'm impresses with your upbeat, can do attitude.

  5. Please, please, please share your blogger wisdom with us mere newbies! I am very wet behind the ears with Blogger and I don't know how to do jack sh*t with it and it's very frustrating :( I would LOVE to have three columns!

  6. If you also wanted to throw in a little explanation about how to have tabs, I would certainly not complain ;) Or if that's a pain, point me in the right direction to where I could find such info? Thank, doll!

  7. I can hardly wait to explore all the changes and then learn to do some of them on my own blog.

  8. Your wish is my command. The new post is up. Don't tell me I didn't warn you that it is a looooong one. lol


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