Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving is My Bitch

I ended the day at 1850 calories. Considering it was Thanksgiving, that I had an extra roll with dinner and an avocado for lunch... Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. Still in weight loss territory for me. Comfortably so. I not only had an enjoyable day and a delicious dinner, I learned that I can chow down, fill my tummy to complete happiness, have flavour and fun and not blow myself out of the water.

I expect a bit of puff action... I was kind of a bad girl with the salt. (Gets me, every time, dangit!) But a few days of downing fluids will take care of that.

I made a yummy green bean dish that Son and I both went over the moon for. I will most likely make it to go with Christmas dinner, too. I think I have found a very nice substitute for my much beloved green bean casserole. I'll post the recipe-ish if anyone is interested. I say recipe-ish because I don't measure when I cook. I just close my eyes, throw stuff in the pan, give it all a stir and see what comes out. :P In this case, it was something kinda tasty.

Yeah. That extra roll. Rhodes Warm and Serve rolls. The bestest frozen, ready to bake rolls, evah! Seriously delicious. Soft, but not too squishy, ever so slightly sweet, yeasty and rich. Lovely little goblins, they. And at 160 calories a piece, definitely workable into my diet, from time to time as a treat. I know better than to have two. I really do. But they were so. good. And I just... Wanted one more. So I had it. It wasn't mindless, I made the conscious decision to go for it and I logged the calories. Kind of like that damned avocado I ate with my turkey sandwich for lunch.

Yes, I had a turkey sandwich for lunch.

Before I had turkey for dinner. :P

I made the easiest turkey on the planet, today. Jennie O Oven Ready boneless, skinless turkey breast. Freezer to oven, after preheating, one minute flat. Line a small baking dish with foil (to catch drips and make for easy cleanup of pan :D) Open outer bag, place turkey breast in the oven cooking bag in the pan, poke a few holes in the bag and toss it into the oven. 2 1/2 hours later, perfect, moist, juicy white meat turkey. Fast, easy and fool proof. Exactly my kind of cooking. Or roasting, in this case. :D I did a full sized Oven Ready turkey, one year. It was also lovely and delish. And easy-peasy.

I even got some exercise, today. We did some running around, went to Safeway and WalMart for some stuff.Came home and put everything away, then I had some foundation to return to CVS and since they were open, I went in, returned the makeup and concealer (why is drugstore makeup so dark? Ivory, my ass!) picked out lighter shades of foundation and concealer, searched frantically for Revlon Purplex. Didn't find it, Begged the gal working there to see if they had it in the back. She refused. Bought a couple of Milani polishes instead, then went to several more stores, searching frantically for the polish I wanted. And still want. I couldn't find it, anywhere.

Prescott sucks. Seriously. If we get something new in stores, it is so much later than other places. I hate that. Now I am going to be a bundle of nerves until I find and get a bottle of that frakking polish. Why can't stores around here just get them in when everyone else does?

So, with all of my shopping, running up and down and up and down my stairs several times and in and out of store after store, I got a pretty nice little walk.

I gave Sabryna her Ultimate Busy Bone just as we sat down to eat dinner. Now, small Busy Bones are gone in less than five minutes. They are a mere chew for that mutt. Full Sized Busy Bones can last fifteen, if we get the Ultimate. The one she got, today was for big dogs and it was huge. That sucker cost five-fifty. And it was worth every penny. It took Sabryna an hour and ten minutes to eat that thing. And we got to eat in peace. No begging, no obnoxious barking and speaking (serves me right, using food to teach her to speak and whisper :P) or breathing on us while we chowed down on our turkey and trimmings. Marley got a saucer of bits and pieces of turkey, which he happily ate and licked the saucer clean.

I had planned to make this post a quickie, tonight.

You know what they say about best laid plans.

He he. Get it? Quickie? Laid?

Har. Har.

I kill myself, sometimes.I'm just so freaking fonny.

Oh, and did I mention is was cold, today? It got down to 14 degrees, last night. Our high was 42. Brrr! And it is cold again, tonight. We are supposed to get to a low of 19. I do believe that cooler weather has finally settled into the area.


  1. 1850 for the day is freakin' phenomenal! Especially when you consider that the average Thanksgiving dinner is 3000-5000 calories. No it's true; google it! It's like you said, you were completely satiated and happy after your dinner and I bet you didn't go into a food coma afterwards either! You should be very proud of yourself :)

  2. Oh, and yes of course I would like your recipe for the green bean dish. Before when I was planning to go off plan for Thanksgiving, I was going to make a lightened version but the Hubs doesn't really even like green bean casserole so if I make it, I know I will be the only one eating it and that would not be good :( But maybe I could try your recipe next year :)

  3. I kinda went on a nail polish freak out spree tonight too and found a lovely red polish that I painted them. So beautiful!!! Hope you find the one you're looking for...and DAMN good job on the caloric intake for the day! Thanksgiving WAS your bitch today- great job. :)


  4. Nail polish freak out. OMG, I had the same problem with some.. Oh, my bad, wrong blog... Sounds like a great Thanksgiving

  5. Awesome job on the calorie intake. Thanksgiving WAS your bitch. LOL

    The internet is a great equalizer. I bet you could find that polish online. If you just have to have it now.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the title of this blog and that you stayed within your allotted range. Love that...your self control gives others hope and I hope you know that. Dude - if I find that polish I will so send it to you. Would that be okay? Do you ever shop online or then I suppose you have to pay for stupid shipping so that doesn't help huh?

  7. GREAT thanksgiving!!! :-) Proud of you.

    I HATE HATE buying foundation/concealer. It's always either too light or too dark. I get so fed up with that whole process!! They need to have like a scanner at the drugstore that scans your skin and tells you which one you need. Does that exist? Or should I invent it and make money? lol.


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