Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What a Bunch of Idiots!

I just finished watching The Biggest Loser. I can't believe the elimination. Finally, one of The Evil Triad, Fredo was below the yellow line. It was time to cut the head off the monster. They had the perfect opportunity to break up The Evil Triad and they didn't do it. Ada, Elizabeth and Mark just fucked themselves over and ruined any chance of coming out on top. They, through some misguided sense of loyalty kept Fredo in the house. Don't these morons understand what is happening? Are they that easily led? Stupid sheep.

All I can hope for is that The Evil Triad have a couple of really bad weeks and get their comeuppance.

It is a cold, cloudy day, today. No rain, of course. California wrung all the good stuff out of my clouds, leaving us high and dry. I guess that is why this area is called The Desert Southwest. :P I hate the desert.

Oh my! Aren't I just a frakking ray of sunshine? Little Miss Cheerful. Madam Happy Pants.

I am a little pissed, right now. No, actually I am a lot pissed, right now. Husband has landed his ass squarely in the doghouse, once again and I am in a rather bad mood because of it. I'll get over it. I have no choice, at this time. But I am indulging in a little being madder than a hornet, for a while. I am not taking this out on myself. I don't deserve to suffer because my husband is a certifiable idiot.

Dang, it is cold. I think I am going to make a big mug of tea, enjoy it, then I can jump in the shower. My hair wants washing.



  1. I watched BL too....stupid people!

  2. Hope things work out with your husband (that is, he at least realises he's in trouble - cos some don't!).

  3. is amazing how our spouses can do something stupid and drag us in, isn't it?
    Hope he pulls his head out.
    Happy thanksgiving. lol.

  4. Sorry to hear that DH pissed you off. That's no fun, especially right before a holiday! Hope it wasn't anything too serious and you guys can break bread tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving!


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