Monday, November 22, 2010

Doing Better

I think I just needed to grab myself by the scruff of the neck and give myself a little shake. I am doing much better, today. I feel calmer, more in control and not freaking myself out and letting stupid thoughts talk me into bad for me actions.

Thank you all so. much! for your support and encouragement and ass kicking and just being here, whether you comment or not. You are all my lifeline. And I couldn't do this, as well as I am without all of you. <3 <3 <3

Well, I took a step past the point of no return, today. I cleared out some of the 5X and 6X tops out of my closet, five of them and offered them on Freecycle. I received five replies, but one lady's e-mail really touched me. So much so that I decided to offer her one of my fleece jackets and a pair of stretch denim pants, as well. I think she will probably accept the additional items. I just wish I had more to shre with her, right now because I think that she really needs these things.

Anyway, the step past the point of no return is that I have a pair of identical pants a couple of sizes smaller to the pair I offered to this gal. I discovered the other day that much to my delight that they now fit me. (I haven't worn those pants in years.) So I am wearing them out and about and the larger pants were just hanging in my closet, taking up a much needed for other stuff hangar. If the gal to whom I offered the larger pants accepts them, they will be gone. Forever. No going back. No safety fatter pants. No fallback. I am committed to staying on track, because going heavier will not be an option. I won't have anything to cover my arse, if I do.

Incentive, indeed. People don't need to be seeing my bare arse. Waaay too much cottage cheese action, going on back there. Not a pretty sight. lol Besides, it is Winter-ish. I would freeze my ass off. And, I might not like the size of my ass, right now but I still kinda need it. It has a job to do. :P

Day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, here in the states. Do all of my fellow turkey gobbling Americans have your Thanksgiving plans firmed up? Your calorie coping strategies in place? Healthy options ready to place on your table, or pack up to haul over the river and through the woods so that you can get through the day the best way you can? I do. And I am looking forward to the holiday. I will have both of my guys here and I have kitteh treats for Marley and a huge Ultimate Busy Bone as a Thanksgiving treat for Sabryna.  It is going to be just the five of us, this year. A quiet, laid back, easy day, for a change. I love and enjoy the all day cookathon and I love, love, love to entertain and have company but a more intimate holiday will be a lovely, welcome respite. :D

Oh, speaking of Sabryna... She is feeling fine. She has always had a goosey tummy, has always been prone to tossing her cookies. It is a pain in the ass and gross, in the extreme. But it is how she rolls. She actually knows to ask to be put outside when she feels as if she is going to hurl and most of the time, I can get her outside before she blows. But I was asleep, when she was sick, this morning so she had no choice but to lose it all over my floor. Poor baby girl. I know that she didn't want to barf in the house.

Now, if I could just teach Marley to hack up his frakking hairballs in his litter box, instead of under my dressing table or my bed... :P


  1. LOL It seems to me that cats are the one untrainable animal, not because they aren't smart but because they think they are superior to all other beings and "pfft! why are you trying to make me do what I really don't feel inclined to do?"

    Great move on ditching the too big clothes. That shows there is no going back for you. I do the same thing. As soon as I move down a size I get rid of the old size.

    And we all have down times. We just need support to pick ourselves back up. You rock!

  2. Glad you are feeling better hun!

  3. You are so awesome to care about the woman getting your stuff from Freecycle.. It's people like you that make others want to help too.. I was sitting here trying to think if anything in my mom's closet would fit your lady that I could mail to you.. lol.. unfortunately, I don't think she does anymore (thanks to yard sales earlier this summer)..

    Glad that you are back in the saddle, so to speak.. :)

  4. It was really sweet of you to give away your stuff on Freecycle. I am sure that means a lot to the lady who is receiving them; see how your weight loss helps other people too? :)

    I have had animals that are the same way. I used to have a dog who would barf all the time and (TMI), he would usually eat it again before we had a chance to get over to clean it up. Disgusting, I know, lol. I have a cat who does the same thing (vomits but doesn't eat it afterwards) because he's a little fatty and eats too fast so his tummy won't digest and he throws it all up. He's not really fat physically; I call him a little fatty since he eats so fast, lol.

    Well this was a pleasant comment, right? With all my animal vomit stories, lol. Anyways, glad you had a better day. We're here for you :)


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