Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Night

Hello everyone. I hope that you all had a great day and enjoyed your weekend. :D

It was a busy day, around here. I intended to get up bright and early, get out and do some shopping and running around. Yeah... You know what they say about the best laid plans.

I woke up and eleven-thirty this morning. Huh? I never sleep that late. Never. Must have been tired. So, I got my day started, did the housework, with Husband's help, then got ready to go out. We didn't get out the door until two. Did some shopping, then, parched and starved we pulled into Sonic. By then, it was three-thirty and I hadn't had a drop to drink or a bite to eat all day. I had a small diet cherry lime aid, three of Husband's tater tots and two French fries. Finished our running around. (We still need to hit the grocery store, but Husband's back was hurting him and he wanted to go home. *sigh*)

We had roast for dinner. MIL made a big roast and sent over what she and FIL didn't eat. Husband had his with mashed potatoes, I tossed a potato in the micro and nuked it to have with my meat. I had some gravy, too. Probably shouldn't have, since I am not sure how much flour/drippings she used, but I didn't think that a small serving would hurt me, since this was my one and only meal of the day.

I am slurping down Crystal Light as if I just crawled across the desert on my belly. Man, am I dehydrated. 

Have you ever noticed how delicious scented candles smell when you haven't eaten all day? We were looking at and sniffing the candles in CVS and there was a vanilla swirl candle that smelled just like vanilla buttercream frosting. Oh, boy did it smell good. I wanted to eat that candle. lol

I don't really have a lot to yammer about. I just wanted to check in. Say hey. I think I will slide on down to my blogroll and see what all you loverly people got yourselves up to, today.

G'night. <3


  1. He-he, Lanie. I haven't ever seen it in any calorie counter I have read. :P


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