Tuesday, September 28, 2010

After Nineteen Days

Nineteen days of smoke then stupid bullshit excuses, we finally got back out on the road, tonight. It felt good to doa brisk two miles, again. I am going to be a little sore, since my muscles aren't used to walking. But the soreness should pass quickly. I kept up a good pace, tonight and made myself carry my arms up at my waist and pump them, rather than let them hang down at my sides. Doing that with my arms lifted me up straightened my spine, made me walk with my head up, not looking at the ground, as I usually do. (All the better to pretend no one else is around... lol) Having my head up and looking forward is better.

Food is good, today. I am at 1195 calories. Not too shabby. :D

I decided to take a big step today and I cut a few layers in my hair. I am an all one length, no layers, no bangs kinda girl but I had a little sticky, damaged hair on my ends on my upper layer of hair from my henna removal disaster a couple of years ago and I just wanted that last little bit of crap ends gone for good and all. My under layer is great, all virgin hair and didn't need trimming, since I have no split ends or breakage or anything. (No sense in trimming hair that doesn't need it.) I did a layer at my ends all the way across by separating the upper layer, combing it straight up, wrapping a hair tie tightly around the pony and pulling it straight up until just the ends were sticking out. Then I just cut my ends off at the top of the hair tie. I made sure it was all level and as even as possible then turned my hair loose, finger combed it, combed it with my comb and checked it in the mirror. I liked the layering in the back... It looks beveled and my ends were all swingy and had nice movement. But the front wasn't as beveled, so I repeated the process with just the hair in front. let it loose and had slightly shorter, slightly more layered ends on either side. Then, I looked carefully for any longer bits that didn't blend in, picked them carefully out and snipped them to match their friends and I was done. The whole process only took a few minutes and I am pretty happy with the result. My hair isn't any shorter, in the back but I have finally closed a painful chapter in my hair's history once and for all.

Now... I just have to grow out and trim away the layers. lol

Yawn! I should sleep well, tonight. :D


  1. I bet it felt good to get out there and get walking again... Hopefully your muscles won't be too sore!

  2. great job on the walk. My big hair cut from a month or two ago is growing out and looking wiggy. got to get back in for a trim.

  3. ooooh I love the notion of trimming away the layers.

    I do so so so need me some layer trimmage.
    literal AND metaphorical.


  4. All that's important is how much did that hair WEIGH? ;-)

  5. I have been walking almost 6 days a week but I was so sore one day last week, I had to take a day off!

  6. YAY on back to walking and I wanna see the new hair!


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