Friday, September 3, 2010

A Great Walk, Tonight

Well, tonight was our first walk on Willow Creek Road on the sidewalk. I have to say, I really liked it. The sidewalk is smooth and even, there are streetlights so the entire way is well lit and feels safe. We walked from the Fry's parking lot to the Circle K. It is just a little over a mile, one way. About a mile and a tenth, but I don't quibble over tenths so, I just call it a mile up and a mile back for a total of two.

The walk up is literally up. It is uphill, all the way. The climb is gradual and long, it isn't as if we are struggling up a steep, hard climb. But I can definitely feel it. I am nicely challenged but not made to feel as if I am working too hard. Then, we turn and burn back and it is all downhill. It's nice and easy and I can really put the pedal to the metal and put on some speed.

My only complaint about walking this way is all of the exhaust from the cars. Willow Creek Road is a main drag through Prescott and has pretty heavy traffic. By the time we got back to the car, I had an irritated throat and was coughing. It took a while for the coughing to stop. My throat is still a little unhappy. I need to carry water with me and drink, while I walk. I expect  that in time I'll get used to it.

I didn't binge. Calories are good at 1500 and a little change. Not too bad for a day I feared was going to be really. really. baaaad. :D And yes, I credit you all, your support and your blogs for helping to pull me through this day. I would be in trouble without all of you.

Well, I am tired and blogged out. I think I will catch up on unread blogs and call it a night.

Goodnight, my friends. Sleep well and have sweet dreams. And if you are weighing in the morning, I hope it is gooood.


  1. I do love hearing about your walks. They sound so nice. I need to get outdoors more often. :-)

  2. Thanks. :D Please do. Walking really is fun.

  3. I also like reading about your walks, I love walking. I do not know if I could do a uphill walk for a long way yet or not. You did great and sorry about the smog from the cars. I live in the country so I do not have that problem. Have a great weekend.

  4. Walking. The perfect end to the day.

  5. I hate car exhaust - I am super sensitive to bad smells and that's one of them - it causes my migraines sometimes.


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