Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Smooth NSV

I can shave my legs again. :D

Have you any idea how long it has been since I had such smooth, silky legs? Years, girls. Years.

I am lucky, in a way... I have very fine, light hair on my legs. I have darker coarser hair on my toes and a couple of spots on my ankles (what the hell is up with that????) so it isn't as if I have walked around being followed by Bigfoot hunters, or anything. But I still like smooth, hair free legs. And I finally have them, again. It is lovely to be able to shave then swiftly, easily and most importantly, safely. (Imagine that conversation with a local firefighter/paramedic lolol)

In other news, food is nicely on track, I am hydrating well. I have puff. Urgh! A little too much sodium, recently. I need to flush that out or I will end up with a not so great weigh in next Thursday.

It is hot, today and we just had to close the windows and blinds and fire up the A/C. This is stupid. Our last bill was almost $250.00. I was hoping that it would cool off and we could get it under $100.00 again, but that isn't happening this month.

I put some cat food up on Freecycle, this morning. I had some Friskies Indoor Delights crunchies that Marley didn't like. He likes Surfing and Turfing Favourites. In the purple bag. I received fifteen replies, all wanting and needing the cat food. I couldn't decide whom to choose, so I finally just started circling my cursor over the e-mails, closed my eyes and clicked. And the e-mail that opened, that person received the cat food.

Well, my brain is drained. I think I will surf the blogs, see what everyone is up to. See if any more pics from BOOBS have been posted.  Those of you there have a responsibility. :D

Okay, later, gators.


  1. My cats refused to eat that cat food too. They starved themselves for 3 days before I gave up. I wonder what is up with it? Congrats on the smooth legs!

  2. Ah...the smooth legs! That has truly been one of the NSVs that make me feel sexy again!!

  3. I hear ya on the legs business. Good for you! That should help that scale move in the right direction too! I like to joke about shaving and nail clipping before I go weigh in at the doctors. Yeah, I know, I'm hilarious (or demented).

    Had I known about the cat food, I would've suggested donating it to a local rescue or shelter. They seem to really appreciate anything they can get as it is expensive to run those operations. But, there it is for next time.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)

  4. That freecycle stuff is crazy..the first time I could 'see' everything I needed to...happy dance. lololol.
    the day I could take my hand, put it behind my back and touch my other hip easily...unbelievable.

  5. Woohoo on a nice NSV!!!! Shaving of the legs is wonderful lol

  6. Amazing NSV. It must make you feel amazing. :-)

  7. Love smooth legs, hate the chore of shaving these large yams! LOL!

    Congrats on the sexy, smooth legs!

  8. I love your blog! You're so real and funny! Thanks for all the support xoxo And congrats on smooth & sexy legs!!! =D

    Peace ^_^V

  9. That's great, another milestone achieved.

  10. Great milestone. It's awesome when you can actually see the results of your journey in action. And smooth, sexy legs! Love it!

  11. The leg shaving thing...I get it! These are the little things that are really the BIG things. Each and everyday, I celebrate crossing my legs....!


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