Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weigh In Thursday


Down 2.4 from last week's weigh in.


I swear, I am never getting out of the 330's. I have been there for over a month. *puts back of hand to forehead, tilts head back and sighs, dramatically*

I know it is my own danged fault. I ate to bring on The Puff Monster. I made the choice to ingest more calories than I should, thus slowing my progress. I don't blame anyone or anything else. I am culpable.

And I am going a little bit crazy. lol I just really, really, really, really want to get below 300 before the end of the year, if I possibly can. I think it would be fun to start my new year in a new "century". And I am dying to blonde my hair and I can't until I am under 300. Well, I can... But I am choosing to wait until I hit that milestone. It is the carrot dangling in front of me and it will be a wonderful reward. :D

I still can't go walking. The burning continues. Whoever released the news that there would be no burning on Wednesday and Thursday was lying through their teeth! The smoke is even worse than ever.

I will be back later to read all of your blogs, do Thousand Word Thursday and so forth.

Later, gators. :D


  1. That sucks about the burning, but I think 2.4 lbs is an awesome loss. I could use that about now.

    Find a way to move around in the house a lot, at least. . .

    Take care of yourself!

  2. Can't believe I agree with Lanie, but 2.4 pounds is awesome...

  3. Yeah, I have gained and lost the same 2 pounds for the past two weeks...sigh.

  4. You can and you will get there. YOU will. And 2.4 pounds and you are getting closer to your goals. Oh, la, la, blonde. Great non-food reward (I don't believe in food rewards anyway). Do you have any exercise DVD's that you could do at home? I hope the fire is out soon. Make your choices today healthy. ((hugs))

  5. 2.4 is freaking awesome!! You'll be out of the 330's by next week and under 300 to celebrate the new year!! Way to go!

  6. Soooo close to being out of the 330s. Never lose sight of the goal - you ARE doing this!

  7. 2.4 pounds in one week is fabulous!! You will be awesome rockin' New Years Eve as a new blonde bombshell!! Love that reward!!

  8. Allan and Lanie agree ?! Its a miracle ... or it just happens to be true, 2.4 lbs IS great! Congratulations, the hard work is paying off. Keep up the good work, just don't inhale too much smoke.

  9. Be careful of the Thursday blues. A slip up is all it was. Don't beat yourself yup Slay your dragons. You can do it. I am going at a snail’s pace, too. Stay strong Michele

  10. Listen a loss of 2.4lbs is great! Just no more puff puff monster lol and you will move past the 330s! I know you can do it girl!


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