Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Little Bloggy Business: Newer Followers :) And Random Nattering

Hello love bugs. I see, much to my delight that I have new followers. Hello! :D

If you are following me and have me on your blogroll and would like me to do the same and I haven't yet, could you please drop me a comment in this post with your blog name and URL? I am not good at finding blogs by clicking on icon pics. I think I have also forgotten to follow a couple of URLs given to me in the past. And I apologise for that. But I would like to follow you and add you, so please, pretty please, leave me your info?

It is going to be another hot one, today. Summer is definitely getting in it's last licks and torturing us with heat. At least it isn't humid. See, there is always something for which to be thankful. :D

The air got smokey, last night but it seems to be clearer, this morning. If it stays decently clear, we can walk, tonight. Yay!!!! I am so ready to get out and have a good walk. I miss my walks, terribly. And I really, really, really, really need a little time out of this freaking house. I am getting to the point that I am fantasizing about cans of gasoline and lit matches.

Housework is done for the day. I keep a very tidy, clean house so it doesn't take me long to get everything done in the morning. And, when he is off, Husband helps, so that makes it go even faster. That is one of his saving graces, his helpfulness around the house. Even after a long, hard day at work, he will, without complaint, cheerfully help with dinner, cleaning up the kitchen and making sure the house is neat and tidy before we hit the hay. And he often scoops the litter box, sweeps the laundry room and kitchen floors in the morning, before he leaves so that I don't step on kitty litter tracked around by a certain set of little orange paws in the night with my bare feet in the morning. So, I guess he isn't all bad... :)

One day, soon I need to sit down and rip my CDs to my computer. I did that with my other laptop and I loved being on my puter with my ear buds  in, listening to music.

Food was good, yesterday. I came in at 1144 calories. I can be happy with that. :D

Okay, I have to skedaddle. I have blogs to read.

Later, gators.


  1. Grandma said that all the time. Love it.

  2. ME ME! You haven't followed me since I moved my final time!

  3. Sounds like you have a good hubby there. Mine sounds the same. Lucky us, huh? I hope you can get back to your walks soon. It must be driving you crazy to be "trapped" without being able to go on your walkies!

  4. Could you send some of your warmth this way? I miss seeing the sun! It's been raining and dreary here which makes me sad.

    If you'd like to follow me, my blog is at :-)

  5. me me :)
    My blog :)

  6. Me :)


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