Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here You Go, Drazmatazz. One Hair Pic :D

By request, a picture of my hair. From the back with flash. It is a bit washed out and fuzzy. I don't know what is with my stupid camera in self timer mode, lately. It isn't working as well as it used to. I hate the flash washout but it was a bit too dark without it so...

My hair is almost completely virgin hair, unprocessed with chemicals for just over two years. There is a little light hair at my ends from trying to lighten my roots with peroxide to match the rest of my hair in June of '08. (I was trying to match up my dark roots with my peroxide damaged henna removal mess.) I used to have bright, naturally blonde hair. The older I get, the darker and more blah it gets. (NO! I am not saying dark hair is blah! I am saying that my hair is blah.) I hate my base tone, it is an undetermined shade of dark dishwater and brown with some natural dark gold highlights and of course my gracious plenty number of silvers. I am about 40% silver, at this point. And I hate my hair. I can't wait to hit below 300 so that I can go have my hair done.I think I am over colouring my own hair. I hope I can find a really great salon and colourist who won't cost me a fortune to do my hair and my root touch ups in the future.

Okay, that was probably a whole lot more than you ever wanted to know about my stupid hair. lol

 Pic is clickable to enlarge. (Yeshah, clickable is so a word! "Cause I said so! :P)

The layers are very subtle. Just like I like them. I like that my ends look thicker, I am losing some hair thanks to weight loss. I have noticed a little thinning. I just hope that it doesn't get much worse. :D


  1. Thank you sweetie - okay - it's to die for just like I thought it would be. LOVE Drazmatazz....I'm so using that.

  2. It looks great! Yay to almost virgin hair!! (haha I'd have to shave my head!) And where do you get dishwater brown?!?!I totally see the gold highlights... but I am missing this "dishwater" color... It looks great! I love the wave too!!

  3. Pretty!!! I notice my hair sheds a LOT more now that I am losing too. I hate that but luckily I have a LOT of hair.

  4. That looks like an easy three and a half pounds you could lose with just a pair of scissors!

  5. I think your hair looks very pretty!

  6. Great hair pic. Don't cut it though. That 3 pounds is worth it. :)

  7. Aw, thanks, girls. <3

    Lanie, perish the thought! lol

  8. You and I did the peroxide damage at just about the same time. I'm still cutting out the damage.

    However, *your* hair is looking amazing! It's so thick, and congratulations on almost getting to the point where you have 100% virgin hair.

    Keep it growing, babe. It's beautiful.

    P.S. And yes, "clickable" is a word! :D


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