Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not Too Much Going On

Hello raindrops. How was your day?

Mine was pretty routine. Housework, laundry, did my nails... That sort of thing. I am a little high on calories, today. Stupid almonds. lol I know it isn't the almonds' fault. It is mine. I am the one who chose to have a few. And a few more and a few more...

We didn't walk, today. We got out to the lake a little late and tried to walk but the bugs and gnats were so thick, I could barely breathe and I just couldn't stand the thought of fighting through those swarms for two miles. As I told husband, he looked back and realised that he had left the lights on on the car, so we went back. We drove around, looking for a spot to park and walk, but by then our hearts weren't in it so we just came home. We have decided that tomorrow we will park down at Fry's and walk on Willow Creek Road. That way we can get a good walk and since it is a main drag, it is well lit so it doesn't matter if it gets dark.

We won't be walking down at the lake now except on the weekends for a while, now.

Otherwise, not too much else going on. Same old, same old. I don't even have any thoughts running through my mind. it's as blank as a refrigerator door.

I dread weigh in, tomorrow. I am a bit puffy, right now. I am not expecting a grand number. Oh well. what happens happens. I'll live over it and move on. :D

Good night. :D


  1. Well, there's worse things you could have overdone it on than almonds--lot's better than chips, for example!

  2. I know about the dreaded weigh-in feeling; it's the pits for sure. But you never know what the scales will reveal - good luck, IQ!

  3. This does not sound like you at all. But I am so glad you ended on a positive note. I wish you well for the weigh in.

  4. I think when one's mind is rather empty, it kind of denotes good things. Not too much stress and that is always a fabulous thing. Time to up the Crystal Light peach whatever intake to help you with the puff.

  5. Must be the calming effect of the omega 3s in those almonds. You seem rather subdued!

    The bugs sound extremely gross. Hope you have fun on your new walking route.

  6. Lemon in my water always helps me with the puff!


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