Friday, September 3, 2010

BYOC!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!! We're Back in Action!

Yay, Draz is back in the BYOC swing of things. And I am ready to play. :D

1. What is your favourite school supply? 

Oh my... I love office/school supplies. Paper, pens, staples, paperclips, binders, Pee-Chees... I could go on and on. If pressed to choose just one, definitely Ticonderoga #3 pencils. Oh! The fights I had with teachers who insisted I use #2 pencils. Not in this lifetime! I am a #3 girl, all the way. :D

2. Your house is on fire and you have just a few moments to grab five things. (Assuming people and pets are already out, safe!) 

I would grab my computer, my photo albums, my purse, The photos and paintings off my walls and, if I am not wearing it when the fire breaks out, my bra. 

3. What is your favourite drink, alcoholic or not?      

Non alcoholic: Crystal Light Peach Tea. I drink gallons and gallons and gallons every week. 

Alcoholic: A desert dry, ice cold vodka martini. With three olives that have had the nasty red gunk removed from them.  Ooo! That sounds good... :D

4. When is your Birthday? What is your Zodiac sign and are you like your sign? 

My Birthday is November 12. I am a Scorpio. And yes, I am very, very "Scorpio". lol My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Dragon. And I am very "dragon", as well. :D

5. Do a blog summary.  

Must I? lol

So, there you go, my chickadees. My BYOC for the week. And check it out, I finally figured out how to highlight. Go me. :P 


  1. You are not Debbie Downer, my friend. My point was only that it all adds to fodder and fuel for a nasty headache. I use my blog for feelings overload...or at least I used to. Too many people read now so I try to be slightly more circumspect with what I write. Lest everyone realizes what a whack job I am. Only a few of you know the real truth of me. LOL

    Sounds like the walk was a good one for the most part. Hoping that maybe the air was just a bit heavy so the exhaust fumes couldn't blow on through. Hopefully it will be better next time!

    I always love reading your thoughts on questions like these. What does BYOC stand for?

  2. Bring Your Own Craziness. Which, as you know is right up my alley. ;) lol

  3. Ha ha ha, and a big LOL about the too! Wouldn't want to scare everyone now.

  4. Love me some Crystal Light-I'm a fan of the lemonade and fruit punch-right out of the freezer. Tastes so fattening-thank god it is not and that I don't have a reaction to the artificial sweetener!

    Polar's Mom

  5. Ah - I love me some Ice Queen BYOC. It's not the same until you answer!


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