Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Autumn!

Good morning, my little Autumn leaves. (And to my dear Leafy One, if you happen to see this. :D) Today is the first day of Autumn and this morning finally brought a breath of my favourite time of the year. It is 44 degrees this morning, clear and crisp. My windows are open so my toes, nose and fingers are nipped with a chill. But I don't mind one bit. I am reveling in the cool. It is supposed to get good and warm, later. Hey, this is Arizona, after all. lol

Another reason for me to be delighted this morning is that I got on my scale and saw 325.6. Saw it, my eyes went out on stalks. You know, like a cartoon character and I said, "No frakking way is that right!" and weighed twice more to verify. (What is it with us weighing three times to verify? Sooo many of us do this and it cracks me up. lolol) Sure enough! 325.6 pounds. That leaves me 5.6 pounds lighter for the week. I can handle that. :D

So I am setting my official I Refuse To Blow It Over the Holidays start weight at 325.6. I am determined to be below 300 by the end of this challenge. In fact, I would like to be solidly below that number before Christmas. I haven't weighed less than 300 pounds at Christmas time since 1998.

Hot 'n Cold by Katy Perry always makes me go a little nutty. I love that song and I have to lip sync to it and dance when I hear it and my animals look at me as if I am totally insane, when I do. Which is understandable... the sight of me dancing, not so cute, actually. lol I am reminded of that line from Wild Hogs where one of the guys says about his dancing, "The music moves me but it moves me ugly." I can sooo relate. lol Yes, I watch an eclectic range of movies. From the sublime to the ridiculous. One of my favourite guilty pleasure movies is Down Periscope. *hangs head in shame*

I am asking myself if a second cup of coffee is really advisable, this morning. My brain is bouncing all over the inside of my skull. Oh, wait, BRB, I have to go back to You-Tube and  start another song. Hmmm... I think I am feeling a little Lady Gaga, now. My, my, my poker face.

Wow! Al Roker has lost a lot more weight, hasn't he? He is on The Weather Channel, right now and I took a good, careful look at him for the first time in a long time and he has really been working hard. He looks great, tho his face looks a bit sunken. Perhaps it is just that I have grown so accustomed to seeing the old, much rounder Al.

Hey, when did You-Tube start putting ads in before the vids? This is seriously annoying!

This is my official theme song. Today was the first time I have ever heard this song in it's entirety, I had only heard bits and pieces of it, before and it made me burst into tears. It is as if it had been written just for me. :D

Okay, I need to post this and check to be sure I embedded this correctly. If I did, I can't believe how easy it was, just copy and paste a code. And here I thought it was some sort of process. He. He.


  1. Great post - love to hear you so happy! And holy loss - I have no doubt you will be under 300 SOON!

  2. Damn girl! Great loss. Did Al have w.l. surgery?

  3. love it!! so therefore you are stuck with another reader... and an award. so deal with it! hahaha! Keep pushing on!

  4. Thank you, Drazzie. <3

    Thanks, Kristie. I believe he did. And it has been a long process for him to get to the weight he is, now. It is good to see that it has been a good tool for him. :D

    Hi Mack! Welcome to the dark side. We have sugar free, lower cal cookies. :D

  5. Congratulations on getting below 330! You'll get below 300 in no time.

  6. You will be below 300 pounds before you know it, you have all the right tools and attitude to make this happen. YOU CAN DO IT!

  7. Oh this challenge sounds great, I am right there with you. My goal is to get below 200 if I can by christmas, if not at least loose all the baby weight from baby number two (and one!) which is 210 by christmas

  8. PS-
    Congrats on those five pounds, I know how hard it can be to do!


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