Monday, September 13, 2010

Piss Fir Willy Has to Die!

The smoke is so bad, tonight. It wasn't too bad in here, earlier because I had the air on but now that it is off and the windows are open, it is just a horror show in here. I looked out my window a little while ago and in the cone of light under the streetlight there was just thick, nearly opaque smoke.

My eyes are burning, my throat hurts, I keep coughing and blowing my nose and my chest is tight. I have another migraine from the depths of hell. 

Piss Fir Willy has to die.

Other than that, I have had a pretty good day. Today was GI My Bathroom Day. What fun. I keep my bathroom clean but every now and then, I feel the need to give it a good, old fashioned GI scrubbing and scouring. Guess what. No panting, puffing, gasping for breath and feeling as if I were going to fall down from the exertion. I worked, hard. And I just breathed. Normally. I didn't have to sit down. Take four or five breaks during the process of scrubbing my bathroom. I just worked steadily and did my thing. It is amazing how much less time a task takes when you aren't taking a break and sitting on your ass on the sofa, every few minutes. lol

Amazing what losing a few pounds and walking a few miles can do for a girl. :D

I also did a few loads of laundry. One big load and two smaller ones. Gah! Enough laundry! I am not doing any more for a few days! lol

Oh, I needed to buy moisturiser the other day and the gal at Walgreen's suggested Cera Ve. I had never tried it and so I bought the PM lotion. Oh. My. Gosh. So far, I like. It is silky, lightweight, not at all greasy but my skin is nice and soft. I got the PM formula because of my allergy to chemical sunblock. I find that it works nicely day and night. I haven't tried it under makeup, yet. If it passes that test, this moisturiser will go into my permanent rotation. I think it will be nice, with a heavier night cream, as the weather gets cold and the air even drier. Around here, the humidity can drop to below zero in the cold months. I spend all of my time slathering my skin in oils, lotions and creams. Dry skin blows the big one. lol

Husband heard that there is supposed to be no burning Wednesday and Thursday so hopefully we can get a couple of walks in, this week. We need a break from the pall of smoke and I need the exercise.

Food is really good again, today. Taking a page from Chris's book, I sat myself down and chewed myself out about my loosey-goosey calorie target range, lately. My weight loss has slowed, I think in part because I have been letting myself get away with higher calorie days. Too often. I have a 1200 to 1500 target range but lately it has been, 1650? That's fine. 1700? No big deal. 2000? Uh... Just don't do it, again. Yeah, right. So, as I said before, I chewed myself out really well and told myself that there will be no more playing fast and loose with the target range. A 1500 calorie cap means 1500. Not 1550, not 1600 or more. 1500. With my traditional higher cal day on Thursday. (Not to exceed 2000.)

Exercise is at present being held hostage by the Forest Service. I will get out and walk once the air is clear enough for me to do so safely. Meanwhile, I have been doing things like walking around my condo, climbing my stairs and so forth to keep myself moving. I can't do Walk in Place type cardio. It is too hard on my hips. The pounding is painful. Walking is better.

I can't really think of anything else to natter about, right now so I guess I will go hit the sack. Have a great night and I will see you all tomorrow. And catch up on everyone. 


  1. Aww it's to bad the smokes stops you for getting out for a walk. That sucks.

    That's awesome about not needing a break from bathroom cleaning. Don't you just love non-scale victories?

  2. Come to Ohio and clean my bathrooms next? The air is cool and clear here!

  3. Smoke ugh... I can't breathe around the stuff.

  4. Oh I hope that smoke clears soon. I used to live in CA and we would have awful brush fires with resultant air pollution that choked us, besides the SMOG. Great news that you can weather the cleaning physically better. Ya got a sign up sheet by your door?

  5. It's great that you're finding other ways to exercise when you can't get out. The stairs are great!

  6. Ack - bathroom cleaning - me no likey!

  7. Hate cleaning the bathrooms, hate laundry too!

  8. I did a bathroom/kitchen scrub a few weeks ago, and I think my body is just now getting over it! LOL. Nice to know what I have to look forward to. ;)


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