Sunday, September 19, 2010


Avast ye maties! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day. Grab yer shoulder parrots and pour a tin cup o grog and sail the high seas in search of treasure.

And Booty. ;) :P

Okay, it is obvious that I sucketh at being a pirate.

And since my cat ate my shoulder pirate, my husband hocked me gold earring and termites ate me wooden leg and I just lost me eye patch, I suppose it is time to give up on being a pirate, ay, maties?


So, how is everyone this fine Sunday morning? It is a lovely day, here. It is going to get hot. Mid nineties, again. Urgh! I mean... Arrrrrrr! A/C again today. I don't see my electric bill ever going down, if this blasted heat keeps up.

Yesterday was a good day, food wise. Didn't get out and walk... Husbands rhoids were raging, again and he couldn't walk and he doesn't want me going out alone and it isn't worth arguing with him about at the moment. I am saving that bit of fun for a future date. ^^ Hopefully, his ass won't keep us benched, tonight. 

I am not holding my breath, tho. No matter how smashing I look in blue. 

I think I am going to try a recipe that is bubbling around in me brain (Arrrr!) tonight. If it works out, I'll tell ye all about it, tomorrow. If it doesn't... I will probably still tell ye all about it tomorrow. 

'Cause that is what I am all about.


Aren't I just a little ray of frakking sunshine? 



  1. Love the new layout - background!

  2. Hi, im new to your blog. I really enjoy reading it!

    LOL at your post today, loved it!

  3. Love your pirate speak! I wouldn't mind taking some of that heat off your hands. Summer is over in Seattle and starting to get cooler temperatures and yep, you guessed it...rain.

    Also, I dig your blog award slideshow.

  4. Hi Sunshine!
    We if you are or your husband is a dolphins fan you also have a little sun rat coming your weigh (way). Nice work on the eating.

  5. I didn't walk last night....was a little sore, so I am getting out there this evening. Had some yummy pasta w/ veggies today for lunch.

  6. I love your pirate-speak! I also love the real-ness of your blog- you tell it like it is and you don't sugarcoat or hold back. You're awesome!

  7. Thanks, Draz. I think it fits the season without too much of the dreaded brown.

    Hi Amelia. Welcome. I am so glad that you came by. :D

    Tammy, my piratespeak leaves a good deal to be desired. lol If you would like to make one, I did a how to in my previous post. It really is easy peasy! :D

    Hi Michele, Husband and I are not Dolphins fans. He is a Bears fan (when I allow him to watch *shudder* football. :D

    Hi Kristie, Sounds yummy.

    Aw, Jessica, you are so sweet.


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