Friday, September 24, 2010

Hey, What the Hell Happened to Fall???

It is sunny, 83 degrees and it got so hot here in my condo that I had to fire up my A/C. And it is supposed to be in the nineties, over the weekend and into next week. WTF?

Otherwise, things are pretty boring, around here. Housework. A little kitchen witchery, laundry. I am cooking a chicken breast half for Husband in my toaster oven. He likes them baked with coating. Which is fine, tho I do get a little tired of having to cook chicken two ways just because he wants his baked. *rolling my eyes*  He and I have absolutely nothing in common, food wise and his picky, plain food habits drive me insane. It is bad enough that I have to cook one meal. It is even worse that I have to cook two. Blech!

I learned how to use the movie mode on my camera but it only makes silent videos. But it worked well enough for me to post my first little video on my nail blog. :D I need to get a new camera, one day so that I can record and upload vlogs now and then.

Food is good, today. I am actually running a bit low, calorie wise. I am going to grill chicken and Summer squash for dinner, tonight. Yum.

Okay, that is all I have and I had to drag that out of myself. lol


Maybe. :D


  1. I love grilled chicken and squash. I eat grilled chicken daily and add in veggies. Sooooooo good!

  2. Oh, and it was 91 here in Tx today. My walk was nice though and there was a cool breeze!

  3. Hey, I'm Rachel. I'm new to blogging and your blog is awesome!
    It's really hot everywhere this fall. I don't know what the heck happened!

  4. I live in Mississippi and it was hot here today also. 95 in the shade. I also like chicken and squash on the grill.

  5. perfect day here...don't hate me. It was 72 degrees.
    I like grilled chicken.
    wish you would cook for me.
    I have no grill really.
    Have a good one.

  6. Oh, it is even hot here in Pennsylvania.. Looks strange.. the leaves are turning, trees are turning orange, the wind is blowing - and it is an absolute awful 90 degrees!!! I'm thinking Mother Nature hasn't had her estrogen in awhile....

  7. I think that grilled chicken is an overall fave with a lot of us.

    Chris, if I lived close, I'd be happy to grill some bird for you. :D

    Lisa, ***snort*** Too funny.

  8. I am looking forward to autumn too. We've nearly tied a long-standing record for most 90+ degree days ever. This summer ... I think today makes 86 or 87 days (yes, above 90). I'm so over it already!! Normally, it is something like a dozen days that may hit the 90-mark. UGH!! I used to make two meals, and then one day I decided enough. I'm making xyz, and this is how it will be prepard. If you want it prepared differently, you do your meal your way, and I'll do my own. That lasted maybe two days, when hubby decided he was actually fine with however I was preparing things. I love cooking ONE meal for the two of us. LOL

  9. Ugh I can't wait until fall. Neither can my dog who is sick of her summer hot spots.

    I used to make two meals for hus and me, but now he eats my food, even though he isn't always jazzed. But he isn't as attached to food as I am so he doesn't really care that much.

    Hey what does summer squash taste like? Never had it but it seems harmless enough...

    Polar's Mom

  10. It may be fall on the calendar but it's really several weeks away, at least around here. I would be cooking two different meals too because I have to be gluten free and DH doesn't like gluten free stuff. But, he usually eats the TV dinners by Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisine.


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