Thursday, September 9, 2010


Good Thursday morning gentle readers. I hope that you all had a great day yesterday. I was reading, just didn't post or comment much. Wasn't feeling all that chatty, I guess. :)

Yesterday was a good day, calories were right on target and I got in a two miler. The weather has changed. We awoke to a stuffy day, hot, humid and cloudy, then the wind suddenly shifted and the clouds and humidity and heat just blew away. The skies cleared, the air dried out and the breeze lasted all day and it was a perfect, late Summer day. Warm but not hot, not humid... Just perfect. It cooled down pretty rapidly as the sun sank and I actually had to wear a sleeved top on my walk, last night. And I was able to sleep, curled cosily under my flannel duvet, last night. :D

I want to address a problem that some of you might be able to identify with. Creepy-crawly. As in, you have lost some poundage but you are still wearing the same capri pants to go walking in. And as you walk, the legs of said capris ride up, bunch oh-so-attractively between your legs, exposing your fish belly white calves and fat knees as you trudge along a busy main drag. What is really fun is knowing that all the occupants in all the cars lined up at the red light as you roll on by with your bunchy, riding up capris are probably pointing and laughing. And then... You do it.

The Lift and Shake.

Come on. I know you do it. Admit it. The bunchy, ridden up fabric has driven you to distraction and you just can't take it anymore so, you slow and as "sneakily" as possible ('cause it is possible to be really sneaky on the side of a major street at seven in the evening under a bright streetlight) lift one leg and shake and shimmy to get all that fabric back down where it belongs. Then, you pick up your pace and, ponytail swinging wildly pretend that it never happened.

And repeat about every tenth mile or so. Ahhh... Humiliation. When combined with car exhaust is a heady combination in which I suggest everyone partake on a regular basis. lol

Soooo... Yes. It is Thursday. And yes... I jumped on my scale. ***I freely admit that I was considering skipping this week's weigh in.*** And the verdict is: 333.6. Down 4.4 overall from last week. I figured it out (with my calculator, numbers make my brain melt) that 2.8 of that was most likely puff leaving me with a fat loss of 1.6 pounds. Not stellar. But, considering some of the less than optimal choices I made in the last week, not too shabby, either. 1.6 pounds is certainly not a fail and I will take it. :D

My cat is a weirdo.

It is only supposed to get up to 77 degrees, today. Then climb to a high of 88 on Tuesday then drop, again. I love days like this. :D

Okay, that is all I can think of to natter about, at the moment. I think I will go search out some brekkie. I'll catch all of you losers (and I mean losers in the best sense! :D <3 :D) later.

Oh! Speaking of losers... Fans of The Biggest Loser, heads up! The season premier is on Tuesday, the Twenty-First on NBC. Check your local listings for times, in your time zone. :D It starts at seven, around here. Okay, now I am going.

Ice Queen out.


  1. When my worst diet and weight problem is the riding up of the underpants, or the pants falling low as I walk faster than I did, then I am sure that this works. Awesome !!!

  2. I don't wear capris because I'm short and I think they'd make me look more squatty. But with shorts, my mother (from whom I inherited that ability to have fat thighs) refers to this as your a**hole eating your shorts.

  3. Time for new capris - and summer clothing is on sale. Congratulations on your loss this week! Every ounce counts ...

  4. Mrs. Happy Pants, I damn near sprayed my laptop with Crystal Light. lolol

    Allen, one needs to find the silver lining, somewhere... ;) :D

    Ann, I totally agree. Hopefully I can get a little moolah together and buy some. :D

  5. Congrats on the weight loss:)

  6. Oh the lift and shake, not as fun as the bend and snap but useful.

  7. Yeah, love the bend and snap. But I think I will refrain from it on Willow Creek Road. lol

  8. Congratulations on the weight loss!!!

  9. As always, a funny post. I think you should/could write for the magazines. You never fail to make me laugh and I can relate to you...swing that pony-tail, girl.

  10. The only thing I've found to prevent that are the lycra-spandex type walking shorts (the longer, capri-style ones). The only problem then is that while I don't have any creepage, I kinda look like a stuffed sausage.

  11. I have certain underwear that crawl up into my you know what. Then I pull them out hoping none of the neighbors are watching!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. OMG this is so funny! My crotch eats my shorts too...and it's like my damn thighs just keep feeding my shorts to my crotch. I will be so glad when I don't have chub rub anymore!!

  14. I'm not sure what happened there with the deleted comment...I was trying to edit but it didn't work. Lesson learned :)


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