Friday, September 10, 2010

Smoke, Rising

I don't like seeing smoke rising. I grew up in NorCal and have had experience with forest fire and thick, rising smoke means everything bad and frightening to me. We lived out in Highland Pines (out in the direction from which the smoke today is coming) for almost five years and if we were still living out there, I would be freaking the hell out, right now.

Every time there was a fire, every time I saw smoke I would start running through my bug out plans. I would gather leash and carrier, pet food, get my document organizers out and ready to grab, shut down my laptop and put it in it's bag and put it and my purse and keys by the front door. I would shower, put on my makeup, do my hair and dress, so that I wouldn't look like a refugee, should we have to run. And the whole time I would be praying pleasedon'tletitbeafire!Pleasedon'tletitbeafire! We were lucky, every time I readied to run, there was no reason to do so. But I am done with being afraid. I am done living in the trees. I love, love, love living in town. :D

I won't be walking, tonight. No, my hip is fine. But before you blast me, let me 'splain, Lucy. I have asthma. I am lucky, it is chronic, not acute, so I don't take daily controller meds but I can and do have attacks. Mine are triggered by environmental factors, smoke, smog, chemical fumes, humidity. Stress can also do me. And I just don't relish the thought of trying to do two miles in this smokey air. Collapsing by the side of the road and lying there while paramedics pump me full of oxygen and drugs isn't exactly my idea of a lovely evening. lol The last time I had a major attack, I was working in Laughlin. I went downstairs while I was on break and someone was mopping the employee dining room with a very strong bleach solution. Next thing you know, yours truly is gasping like a beached whale, the paramedics had to be called and I got to leave work early. In an ambulance. Do Not Want. lol

I am still doing laundry. Yay. I am down to three loads. Some sweaters, Some regular darks and a load of fleeces. I didn't realise until I went through everything how much fleece I own. lol I have four jackets, my "new" vest, a long robe. That doesn't include the micro-fleece (soooo soft!) warmie tops I already washed and hung up in my closet.  I should be plenty cozy and warm, this Winter.

I suppose some mention of how my day is going, eating wise might be in order, since this is, first and foremost a weight loss blog. Calories are good. I am sitting at 710, so far. I am nicely satisfied and not hungry. That is thanks to the lovely hunk of grilled chicken I nommed for lunch. I had it with grilled Summer squash. I could eat grilled squash almost every day.

Say, have you tried a grilled apple? I was prepping food to grill the other night and was casting around, looking for stuff to grill and my eyes fell on a ripe, red delicious apple. At first I thought, naw! It wouldn't work. Then I thought, why not try? So, I quartered and cored it, sprayed it lightly with Pam and tossed it on my grill. It got a blackened in spots, which wasn't bad, as those spots just slid right off and the fruit underneath was perfectly cooked. It was scrumptious.

I think that my dog and my cat should be very afraid. ^^ lol ;)

My, I am chatty, today...


  1. The grilled apple sounds delish! I agree the paramedics have to rescue you would not a good walk make!

  2. I hope they get that fire out soon! You're right the smoke in the air would be bad news for you. It doesn't hurt to have a day of rest now and then.

  3. I am addicted to squash. My son is suffering so with his asthma right now. I hate it for him, he also has bad eczema.

  4. I love grilling and I am going to try the apple next time I grill. I agree that a day of rest if good for you. Although doing laundry hardly gives you a day of rest. I also love fleece... Have a great day.

  5. I spent a good deal of my childhood in NorCal too! I knew there was a reason why I like you! ;)

    Ya, party foul on the ambulance ride to the hospital. Been there...bought the t-shirt & everything. Glad you stayed inside.

    Hope the fire didn't do too much damage. Growing up in SoCal too, I'm accustomed to fires too. Scary.

  6. Wrote a long post, but blogger ate it. The bottom line--be good to yourself, stop working so hard, and take some time off! Thanks for the grilled apple idea.


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