Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Call For Help

I would really appreciate it if someone who knows how to use the feature to make pictures, blog awards and so forth into a slides how would zap me with a clue how to do it. I tried, (but I couldn't figure it out, of course lol) as I wanted to put my awards into a slide show so that they take up less room in my sidebar. I love them but they are beginning to clutter up the place a little bit. lol And besides, that slide show thingamajig is so. cool. And I want one. :D

Thank you. <3


  1. I have no idea, but I'm counting on you to write a tutorial once you figure it out :)

  2. Do you have Microsoft Powerpoint? I think you can paste your images into Powerpoint, one image per slide. Then you can create a movie out of the slides, in a moving slideshow. When you do that, upload to Youtube, and link to the slideshow there.

    Or you can try this free download:

    Hope that helps.

  3. Go to layout on your dashboard then add a gadget and then add a slideshow. You just need to upload the award pictures to Picasa and create an album of them. Hope that helps xoxox

  4. I so need this feature. but your answers so far leave me just as in the dark as before. Doesn't anyone have a slideshow fairy that I can borrow?

  5. Thank you, Katie! Once again, you saved the day! I loooove you! <3

  6. ok,just realized that's a blogspot fix. no wordpress similar cheat for me. sigh.

  7. Darn! I'm in WP too and wish I could do this. So cool:)


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