Friday, September 10, 2010

Laundry, Laundry, Laundry

Warning: A lot of nattering ahead! lol

Hello, my little cream puffs. How is life treating all of you?

Things are pretty tolerable around here. I am not screaming or feeling as if I am going to kill someone, so I am counting that as a win. lol

It is a pretty day, sunny, warming up but certainly not hot. The cicadas are raising a ruckus in the the cottonwoods, birds are singing and my dog is all flaked out on her beddies and my cat is soaking up a square of sunshine.

I am hip deep in laundry. Not only did I have tow stuffed full hampers, yesterday I finally got up the nerve to dig out the containers of clothes I had in my closet and started trying on stuff. Yippee! a lot of it fits, again. These are things that have sat, folded or hung in a dusty closet for forever, unworn because I was too big to wear them. It is saying something when you get too big to wear a Roman's size 4X, people. When a 5X is tight. When you blew the button off a size 6X shirt one day when you tried to bend over to pick up something you dropped in Walmart. Oh, yes... That is where I was, at my heaviest.

So, I went through the containers. There is about half a container of stuff that I still need to lose into and are stashed in my closet. I have a pile that I am just about into and they are going to fit in about ten pounds or so, so they are getting washed and hung up to inspire me and to be ready when I can wear them. And I have a bunch of stuff that I can wear, now. A lot of them are Winter things and will need to wait a bit, until it gets cold, but some are wearable, now. A tad outdated, but classic, in very nice condition and something "new" to me. A change of pace from the few things I have worn for so long, due to being so very heavy.

I also went through my dresser drawers and shit canned a bunch of really ugly, old, raggedy stuff. It felt so. good. to toss that crap. I have worn them enough and I can't stand the sight of them, any longer. I then moves larger, but still in good condition tops from my "going out" to "just everyday, around the house type" wear. I kept two old, floppy, ugly tops for wearing when doing heavy duty cleaning. When I clean, shit flies everywhere. Bleach, cleaning supplies land all over me and I don't want to wreck decent looking stuff with bleach.

Oh! I tried on a pair of 30WT pants that have been in cold storage for at least nine years, unwearable, couldn't even squeeze into them. I got them on easily. They are still a teeny bit tight for wear in public, but in ten or fifteen pounds... Those bad boys will be beck in action. :D

I think I will be doing laundry until the rest of my hair turns grey. (I am about 40%,

I got out the fleece jacket I wanted to convert to a vest, yesterday and took care of that little task. It turned out great. My little sewing projects are taking time, since I don't own a sewing machine. I do all of my mending and sewing by hand. Which I don't mind doing, but it is a bit time consuming. lol One day, I would like to get a nice sewing machine. I had an old, half busted down Brother machine that kinda worked and I got a lot of use out of it until it completely died on me. I would like my next one to be a bit nicer. lol

Smoke in the air and it is getting heavier. There is either a forest fire nearby or the frakking Forest Service has decided to start their yearly controlled burns. When they start burning, the air is heavy with smoke for weeks and weeks and it is miserable. Hell. My asthma acts up, I cough and cough, have trouble breathing, my eyes burn and am a real cranky puss. I know that controlled burns are a necessary evil. they get rid of underbrush that feed wildfires and keep the forest healthier, but dayumn!!!!

I think I am going to fire up my grill and cook my chicken. I also want some grilled summer squash for lunch. And I think I will cook some rice in chicken broth to go with dinner, tonight. Husband and Son both like rice, so I make it pretty frequently. We can have it with chicken and veg for dinner. :D

Shit! That smoke is making me sneeze and cough and my eyes are starting to burn. Waaahhhh!!!!

I'll be back to do BYOC, later. Time to fire up my grill. :D


  1. Wow! Nothing like the thrill of trying on clothes that you have "put away" for later and the later is today!! Good for you! You have come a long way!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog!! It is so exciting when your clothes don't fit anymore!! I hoard various sizes and I am glad to be getting into some of them too! Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Can't wait for BYOC! Love cleaning like that. Thank God I don't do laundry - ack!

  4. That's great, being able to wear things that you couldn't for a long time. The same thing is happening to my husband. He's getting rid of the larger sizes and getting out the smaller ones that we had stored.

  5. Hey! Congratulationnnnnssss!!!! Don't make the mistake I made though: hang on to just 1 pair of your 'start weight' jeans and 1 top, so you can compare whenever you're feeling low. I threw out all my larger clothes as soon as they were definitely too big (to discourage myself from ever getting back up there weight-wise), but now as my clothes get smaller, it's hard to visibly tell a difference for me. So I strongly recommend throwing away ratty old clothes that don't make you feel good, but hang on to one set for comparison.

  6. I am doing the same thing going through my closet and getting rid of things that are getting to big. I have also found things that I can wear that I could not wear in years. I have 4 or 5 piles of laundry myself..

  7. Thanks, Michelle. It does feel good. And it is nice to have a few more options, again. :D

    Hi Brigitte! I am so happy that you found your way here. If you leave me your blog url I will follow you. :D

    Draz, I like a nice clean house, too. :D I don't mind doing laundry. I just don't want to do it all. day. long. lol

    SM, yay for Bill!!!

    Leanne, I am planning to keep one pair of pants, one top and my biggest bra and a piar of my biggest panties for future comparison shots. Should be interesting. lol

    Debbie, great minds think alike. :D


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