Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just a Quickie, Tonight

Okay, I heard you all come splashing down in the gutter with me.What a dirty minded bunch I hang around with. lol

Okay, first of all, I just wanted to update on the adding an image to your slideshow. All you have to do is add the image you want to add to your slideshow to the album it is linked to. It might not show up right away, but it will after some time. I added something and it took a while to actually make it's way into my slideshow but it did get there. So, that was easy. :D

Today was a pretty good day. A little boring. We got the housework done early and then I was able to eat up some more time making brekkie, eating it, showering, doing my face and hair and so forth. Then I vegged on the sofa for the day. Played on my 'puter and did my nails. Total sloth. A total sloth day, now and again is a good thing.

I hope that we can walk, tomorrow. Husband needed one more day to rest his rhoids.

I have a couple of B disaster movies that I recorded to my DVR on SyFy. I can't wait to pop some popcorn and watch them. I love cheesy disaster flicks where the entire world hangs in the balance and the only one who can save it is a D-Lister with over the top acting and fabulously fun dialog. Don't forget the special effects. I especially love the floods. Full sized water drops against miniatures! Nothing like set designers who have no concept of a little thing called scale.

Food was decent today. I discovered the love that is pop chips. They are available at one of my local supermarkets. Probably shouldn't have found that out... lol

I am beginning to see signs of the old me. The me that was so not so heavy. When I am in my bathroom, washing my hands, brushing my fangs, what have you, when I move my arms or shoulders just right, I have hollows above my collarbones and just for a brief moment I actually see my collarbones before they slip back into hiding. Was a time, I had to really contort just to get any kind of movement. Now, they pop now and again without my thinking about it. Just when I move. :D I am seeing my kneecaps for the first time in years. When the light is coming in through my window, my lower arms actually look thinner. I can see the bone structure and a hint of my wrist bones. I am starting to see a little bit of definition in my face. My cheekbones show a bit, with highlight and blush and I am thinking that my jawline, which was sharp and well defined until I really hit the higher weight is thinking of returning.

I know, it is hardly monumental. But it feels as if I am getting short little visits from old friends. Old friends I haven't see in a long, long time. And it is good to get reacquainted.

There is a praying mantis on my ceiling above my sofa. She has been cruising around up there, all evening.

Okay, I am yawning so hard I almost split my jawbone so I guess it is time to hit the sack.

Good night, all you loverly folks. :D


  1. Oh I LOVE pop chips! I'm so glad they are starting to show up in more and more stores. And I think they are coming out with new flavors too! :)

  2. A praying mantis in your house? How could she have snuck in?

  3. Nothing like a few NSV's to make a girl's day!

  4. AWESOMESAUCE. My favorite new word. Thank you !!!

  5. That's cool that you are able to see the difference in your weigh loss.

  6. Fabulous that you are seeing some changes. Way to go!

  7. Three words for you-Cecil B Demented. Ha!

    Polar's Mom

  8. Thanks again for an interesting read and well done that you are seeing a difference for all you effort.Glad I came and found this blog. I am one of those who pops in and out but does not always leave a comment. It does feel good to get fitter. I have now managed to lose 29lbs and am only a couple of lbs from my target weight and running every day.


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