Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It Didn't Weigh Much, At All

Hair isn't as heavy as people would like to think it is. Even very long, thick hair isn't terribly heavy when piled up on a scale. My little ends trimmings didn't weight enough to register, really. Much less make any difference on the scale.

I need to take a hair pic, soon so I might post it here. We'll see what kind of a mood I am in. ^^

Sooo... I watched The Biggest Loser this morning. And I have to ask, "What the Fuck?????" You have got to be kidding me. This new weigh in system is a disaster in the making. It guarantees that the bigger, heavier contestants will dominate and the smaller, lighter ones will not stand a chance. The women are going to get decimated. And that jerk... What's his name (I need to learn everyone's names)  picking... Shocker... Patrick. A man. Of course. Setting it up to be men against women. There are a few I am ready to see go. Now. And they are men. Arrogant asses.

I think that this season is going to piss me off. A lot. Which means I am going to be able to bitch and moan about it. A lot.


My legs are sore, this A.M. Not terribly so, but I am feeling it. That is what I get for making BS excuses and slacking off for nineteen days. I have a legitimate excuse for a few of those days. The smoke was too thick to walk in. But  the majority of it was just "I am too tired..." "It is getting too late..." "I have a headache..." "Dinner is ready and I don't want to eat too late..."Let's just take this night to relax and walk tomorrow..." "Let's just go tomorrow..." "Tomorrow.."

Yeah, big, steaming pile of bullshit.

Always fun to call myself on my bullshit.

It is going to be another hot one. 94 or so. It was like a Summer night when we walked, last night. It will be that way again, tonight. As long as we don't get attacked by bugs, I can deal. :D

So, I think I will sift through my blogroll and see what all you loverly people are up to, this morning.


  1. I personally want to see a pic!! And I do the exact same thing!!! (let's go tomorrow, it is too hot right now still...!!)

  2. Your post is the second one about the Biggest Loser show. A suggestion: just don't watch it...There ARE other things on TV...

  3. Ugh - I'm right there with you on the BL stuff. Dang it - it's already boys against girls. And IQ - holy shit it's the first time I called you by your initials and realized they are IQ....rambling....ok - I want to say THANK YOU. I used your tutorial to make pages at the top of my blog....seriously thank you.


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