Thursday, September 23, 2010

Could Someone Zap Me With a Clue, Please?

About embedding You-Tube videos? I chose the smallest pre available size it is still too big, so I need to customize. What is the best numbers so that it fits properly into my two column Minima template?

It has got warm. I actually had to turn my stupid A/C on, this afternoon. Shake and bake. Freeze in the morning, roast in the afternoon. I can't wait until it is consistently cooler and I don't have to run air and I can put all of the fans away. I am sooo over this heat.It's frigging Fall, for shit's sake!

And... I'm officially out of anything to say, right this moment. lol


  1. hmmmm. I just usually post youtube videos as video post. I have no idea...good luck though.

  2. Sorry - I 've never had an issue with the youtube videos so I can't help in that department.

    I can, however, commiserate about the heat. Damn global warming!

  3. I usually just copy and paste the embedding code and I've never had a problem with it not fitting. I use a minima template too. However, when pasting, I go into "edit html" paste it and then go back to compose. It doesn't usually show up until I publish the post.

  4. I don't anything about YouTube or any of the blog stuff. It's amazing I can even post a pic, and I couldn't even do THAT this morning! I was just talking to a friend about an hour ago that said she just got back from Tucson....she said their 114 degree days w/ no humidity are about the same as our 90 degree days WITH humidity....either way, it's still too damn hot. :)

  5. I totally agree, Tammy. Way too damned hot! lol

    I know how to do so few things, actually. But I am slowly learning, when I get up the nerve to try. lol


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