Monday, September 6, 2010

Goodbye Summer

Well, my little rainbows, it is Labour Day. You know what that means. Goodbye Summer.

Now, I know that technically, Summer is still on and in full swing until the 21 of this month. (Or is it the 22nd, this year?) But for me, once Labour Day is done, so is Summer. I go into full on Autumn mode. I start dragging out Fall stuff, planning my Fall decor, washing the warmer bedding, (even tho it is still yukky hot, at night lol) going through my little wardrobe, making sure that I have warm to wear. This year, when it gets cold, I will have more warm to wear... Stuff that has been stashed away for a long time because I had grown too fat for it. :D

It is Monsoon weather, today. Humidity blew back in and great rafts of grey clouds keep floating across the sky. But they aren't coming together and I suspect that no storms are in the offing. Which is good, since we need to go walk, later and Husband is freaky about walking in storms.

I don't want to jinx myself but I am a little, no a lot happy at how much better my hips have been feeling, lately. I don't know what I am doing right. But I am not in as much pain and walking is easier. Now, I don't know if this will last or for how long, but you can bet I am incredibly grateful for it, as long as it does.

Food is really good, today. I think I finally have the calories solidly back in my target range. I was a tad freaked out when I was letting them creep up, but it is good to know that when they do, I have the tools and skills to pull them back where they need to be. That feels very much like a "normal" kind of attitude towards food and calorie intake. And it really isn't that Earth shatteringly difficult. I am very pleased that I didn't let myself spiral out of control, start eating like nut and start gaining weight, again. Another hurdle cleared. Not saying here that I will never get out of control or gain any weight, but I think I am getting a good handle on the whole keeping it level concept. :D

Draz, I wasn't trashing myself in that post. I was talking about some inner dialog and the fact that I told it to STFU. :D

Husband wants to go walking earlier. Nuh-uh! No way. No how. Mama doesn't do heat exhaustion. He doesn't like it all that much, but tough shit. This is about what I want, my exercise and he can just suck it up and accept it. He doesn't get to control absolutely everything.


  1. I'm really feeling the fall as it starts getting dark so much earlier. I love that our nights are so cold now! Did I remember reading that you started taking fish oils? If so, that is probably a big part of the reason your hips aren't bothering you. Good for you!

  2. Yay!! I really enjoyed this post. Isn't it amazing, when we get a respite from pain? I hope the hips are good now, for a LONG time! Good job on the eating and exercising too. (I'm like you - just say no to heat stroke.) Haha

  3. So glad to hear your hip pain is easing. Keep up the good work!

  4. Husband has great taste in TV...Walk earlier... Glad the pain is easing..

  5. Wish I knew the secret of happy hips! But, I'm glad you're feeling good and back on track!

  6. another hurdle cleared...the ability to go 'back' to eating normal after some higher calorie days...
    I did that after Christmas last year, and it was a revelation, let me tell you.
    I was like..
    That's it, no drama...just cut the calories.
    It's so cool.
    Watching you do this is kind of cool
    It's like watching a slow motion touchdown.

  7. Knew you'd grab that handle on the calorie intake again. New clothes, woot!! I love the autumn, as you know, and am relishing the windows open, the air off, and hoping the heat stays the freak down a bit.

  8. Hooray for new clothes! I went to get out my winter clothes and it all feels too big and frumpy. I hate feeling like a slob with it on, but should wait until one more size down before I get new.

    How cold does it get where you are?

  9. Ah, shopping in your closet--what a wonderful feeling. I'm glad your hips are better. I wonder if the walking, while sometimes aggravating your pain, isn't helping your mobility overall. It's possible that because you rest when you're supposed to, instead of hurting yourself more, you're making your hips better.

    Then again, I'm no expert. Just throwing that out there.

    Congratulations on your return to a "normal" attitude toward food. That's the hardest part for all of us with eating disorders, isn't it?

  10. Glad to hear the hips are better. Hip pain sucks big time!

  11. Love it that you're thinking "normal."


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